Desert Insanity [Revamp] -- Verified

They said you need to do perfect run to beat Crazy maps. So, I made a map that are looking forward to make you tortured.

This map was an remake version of my 2 years old map Desert Insanity. I’ll make sure this map is
possible and not like the old one.

Map ID: 1745961786

Map Details:

Map Name: Desert Insanity
Difficulty: Crazy
Creator: Jawacraft21
Map Length: 01:20
Map Music: BoomKitty and Helixix - Tokyo Takedown
Status: Finished

Map Image:

First Room – This part is inspired by a map called “Discontinued Construction” By KukkaiTH2.

Second Room – I put some effort in this part.

Third Room – The hardest part.

Last Room – Easy but frustating.

Finish – Get some rest.

Gameplay (Verification):

By me

Ehhh looks ok I guess.

ngl, not bad design

Looks fine. I suggest adding background details and just more details in general


welcome. keep up the good work!

k then, I will add some on Second Room.

I remember watching a video of that map with Tokyo takedown as its bgm in 2018

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Yeah, this map is that map.

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Decent map
All rooms could have better details but still

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looks ten times better than the old version

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It is finally done lol

Isnt that in Storage Catashtrope?

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Why does the first area look like Autumn Hideaway.

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its supposed to be looks like discontinued construction, but yea you’re not wrong ._.

"? T6xri4rs35

w- what?