Detail. Any tips?

This is a picture of one of my WIP maps. I feel like the detail is sort of lacking and want to see what you guys think. A few things I have are:

  • Wedge Terrain for once
  • Trees
  • Bushes
  • Algae
  • The rock trim gets progressively less yellow as you go up

you can add active weather if u want, rain or t-storms should fit

fog? it would look good with it

There is rain. You can’t really see it in this photo so I guess I could increase the rate!

Good idea! There is some fog on the players side that activates once you reach layer 3 so maybe I can add some minor fog at the start


Okay so following up on that the fog gets all wonky when I activate it early. Maybe smoke would work.

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@Swagger Added your fog! It looks pretty sick and sorta ominous! Also I figured out what was bugging me with the shape. The cliffs were way too straight.

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maybe adding some rain

and I have a tip that can make this map better:

  • Making so that even the terrain under the water (That normally is sand) rise, to make it feel like that the giant rock is sinking.
    • Making the camera shake when the water and the terrain start rising, to make an effect of earthquake.

Maybe. The sand could definitely use some work. I don’t think shaking would fit but that would help! Also again, there is rain. I increased the rate but it isn’t noticeable in studio.

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a- dies

I mean just a single shake when the rock starts sinking

Nooo @BANANITA9911 is dead!

Alexa play despactito

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Maybe a light one. The dark sci shakes throw me off a lot so I could make it during the sliding part.

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yeah, just a weak shake

And the SFX is a super grainy guy yelling among us that is so edited it sounds normal

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