Did Dark Sci-Facility get buffed?

When I was playing the map, I noticed how lava went faster than before (might be me though).

Raises my question: did dark sci-facility get buffed? from me, it sure was.

Edit: may be flood moving faster in servers, see inoc’s reply

n o
crazy literally left it dying (imo)

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no lol

No. But I get your point.

FE2 has a bug. In some servers, Lava or Water moves slow. (GentleBerry made a video on this)

But some servers have faster lava. (This is the first time I heard about fast lava movement even tho I never seen it ever in servers.)


revamp the dark sci!

this happened to me where it was slower and i was trying to beat btr lol

a good revamp would be removing taht jump!!1!!!1!11!1!

Did Dark Sci-Facility get buffed?

Why is your pfp this

Did Dark Sci-Facility get buffed?