Different Themes 3 - the end of the unoriginal trilogy (Finished)

Status: Gathering Support, Finished

Description of Map
hey there. this is different themes 3, a map created originally by the classic squad, (fededoesstuff, ethanwu2015, victorian333333, rblxdenimated, neewbieee) and is now created by the classic creators, which includes fededoesstuff, ethanwu2015, rblxdenimated, phexonia, visual_vdvanox, daiithegmr, justinchua2006, dminecraft9993, animu_mikey, tabszt, raxdiigames, irla_stas & overminted. this map was originally created in july 2019 but never finished, and continued a month ago. this map is 3+ minutes long! no maps were stolen and is all remade from scratch (there are free meshes, though). thank you! also, ignore the fact some textures haven’t loaded.

ID: 4367161358
Music: Boss Theme Remix (KTRD) - Electro House

Pictures / Videos of Map-

cold tundra

mercury city


fabric factory

disco disaster

engulfed eatery

sci-fi lab (old version)

hidden valley (by tlc, discontinued)

cargo chaos

aquatic lab

volcanic chaos

malevolent crossing

arctic facility

timber valley

chemical plant (by emilasek)

luminous cave

abandoned warehouse

hidden compound

mount autumn (rain) [this was made b4 dr right brought it back, a day before exactly)

danger facility

mountain ruins (revamp)

dirty waters

thermal basement

familiar ruins (aftermath)

sandstone catacombs

sci fi facility ruins

aquarius undersea

underground escape

(temporary) end room

crystalbox vote


ngl this was cool, might help more with updates

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b o x

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wow very good!

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updated :b:icturonis

I can’t wait to play this!

i would like to join but i dont really have good experience from building

lol tbh i kinda went crazy with the decoration in these rooms



this feels… weird. it’s not that it’s bad, no, it’s not bad, but those brown things decos are just strange imo

What “brown things”?

in room 1 that you showed

That doesn’t help me identify what a “brown thing” is.

the “vines” thingies
brown vines things

They aren’t vines, they’re ropes lmao

no, the wall decorations
brown vines things wall decos