Digital Descent [WIP, Gameplay Complete]

Whitelisted (ID: 3948596045), Work in progress
Here we finally have it. Although it was requested and asked for by absolutely nobody, this is the sequel to my third map, Artificial Ascent. Sure, call it a trend follower (the “Digital Trend”) all you like, but this will probably be the last Digital map I make (unless I get requests to do otherwise).

Now, I’d like to have some feedback here to show me if I’m going the right direction with this. I’ve got some polls below to help me with this.
So far, what do you think of the gameplay?

  • Awful
  • Bad
  • Boring
  • Okay
  • Good
  • Great
  • Fantastic

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So far, what do you think of the decoration (details)?

  • Awful
  • Bad
  • Ugly
  • Okay
  • Good
  • Great
  • Fantastic

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gd be like

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not too bad and good so it 5/10 from me

But sadly it not enough from to vote it has to be 7/10 or higher for me to vote.

Well, I intend on adding details after the gameplay is complete. This is nowhere near the final form of this map.

Slowly, this community is turning into GD. Notice how people are attempting megacollabs now?


megacollabs isnt originated frm gd but ok

I’ve noticed a significant amount of people ranked the gameplay and decoration in the negative ranks. What’s the reason(s) for so? Sure, this is a WIP and both aren’t going to be the best at this time, but it’s still necessary for me to know whether I’m going in the right direction or not. Especially for those who ranked it as Awful, that seems like some extreme thinking (especially without reason). I’d like you all to explain your ratings.

I wasn’t expecting this when I look at the name.


Sometimes, it helps to expect the unexpected.

The gameplay’s complete now, so why not have a go at the map while I decorate it? If this becomes popular, it’d be good to be familiar with the routing so beating the final version won’t be as hard.

oh yay, another digitalization map

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you’ve crossed the line.

this is awful;
this is not what you called “detailed”;
this, this is not what yall called “good map”;
this is incredibly horrible and terrifying.

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Dear me, that’s extreme thinking.

First, you’re repeating yourself, and second, you’re not even going to give me a chance to salvage this? I’m going to quote my friend DrReverie on this one: “Everything has a pro and a flaw. Nothing’s perfect. To praise something to the point to where it’s unchallenged or to trash something to the point to where it is frowned upon is stupid and another case of black and white thinking. Even in the best of work, there is something wrong with it and even in the worst of work, there is something that was done right.”

I hate to sound “smartaleck”, but isn’t this technically half-digitalization? Edit: It also doesn’t mean I can’t do something unique with it, and that’s what I want to do.

Also, before you complain, have you even bothered to try out the map for yourself? If so, then a significant amount of the little criticism you gave is invalid, especially since you seem to focus more on telling me that it is bad instead of telling me why and how it is bad. If you really want to get your point across, then you’ll need the information and experience necessary to back it up. Here’s another quote for you: “The eye should learn to listen before it looks.” - Robert Frank

i don’t try out maps without efforts sorry

gameplay doesn’t make you success, you only put effort in the gameplay, if the map is detailed but the gameplay is bad then it’s a no, but this is the literally exact opposite. the map is horrible, i have better things to do than just playing a rigged map that only cares for gameplay rather than details.
the map is unreasonable really, the first room was still outside but then it’s digital, have you ever see it by yourself how odd it is? then there’s this white lava, red/orange digital wall, yellow digital floating platforms with no reasons. it’s just effortless. there’s literally nothing catch my attention, there’s literally nothing that can be called good, this just a rushed map.
if you literally reply to this with what i’ve looked wrong, you’ll be noted as “UNACCEPTING CRITICISM”.
map making ain’t easy, you needs perfect details and perfect gameplays. there’s no time limiting how low you can keep up the project unless you’ve been challenged by someone, but that isn’t the reason since you said that nobody asked for it.
the whole map is just bad, revamping won’t happen i’ve predicted, even though it’s revamped. i can’t predict how better it can be.

you literally just replied to me with 2 replies while you can put them up in one reply.

r e p l y i n g . . .

oh boy it’s gonna be a big reply

Well, I’ve got a response. If what you’re going to do is keep adding fuel to this fire for it to grow, the best thing for me to do is to stop you now. Let’s analyze this response, shall we?

That’s generally what I do first when creating maps. I finish the gameplay and come back to add details.

Are you sure that “odd” is the right shade of meaning in this context?

“Unaccepting criticism”, eh? I can’t really accept “criticism” that doesn’t explain anything. There’s a difference between a stupid hater comment (which is what you’re doing) and bringing across a valid point with explanation. What you’re giving me isn’t criticism. It’s merely you complaining about the fact that the map is a work in progress and that I finish the gameplay first, which is what I normally do. To put it as you would, “if you want this map to have effort, then tell me how I can improve it”.

I’ve done this 16 other times and I know damn well this stuff isn’t easy. Also, “perfect details/gameplays”? Really? Nothing is perfect nor anywhere close to it.

This doesn’t matter. What’s more important is that my point gets across. Speaking of which, do you understand the point I’m trying to bring up here?

Don’t frown upon the length of someone’s response: it’s stupid.

yes i know how disappointing i am thanks for pointing my mistakes out

It’s good to see you’ve calmed down. While I have the chance to now to work on detailing this map, I would like to get some ideas from you, as you seem to want a “revamp of it”. Technically speaking, me going back and detailing it is the first “revamp”. Edit: I just finished making it and a video of the complete version is coming tomorrow. I just finished this quickly so I can start on a new map, one with a more unique concept.

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Hey! I tried your map and I have a few things to say:
I like your music choice but the lava is too slow for the drop, I’m aware that making the lava faster would make the map impossible. And this introduces the next problem; the lava isn’t the only thing that is too slow, the overall gameplay is too slow, look at this part, for example, https://gyazo.com/bf26d789a6fa1fa8955eb741e3f404c5 in my opinion, this is completely out of place, I suggest to make a big room with spaced buttons that activate other parts allowing you to access to the next button. https://gyazo.com/33370bb0ad7e046e36bc0b55dd64051b Legend: Balck arrow: appear Red arrow: Unanchor Blue arrow: Fade. You should, in my opinion, rework (more fast-paced) the tower part, make the first part shorter so the drop can start at the tower. The lava switch is a good idea but executed very poorly. It’s probably too late but before continuing the map change the tower.