[Discontinued] 🔥 Burning Ruins [Revamp Ver.] (WIP)

:bar_chart: Status: Gathering Support, Work in Progress, Revamping still

:newspaper: Description of Map

Hello, welcome another trash map lol. This may be possibly my most detailed map and revamp. This has been wip for a very long time (almost a year?) and I never really managed to finish it. It’s still wip, I perhaps should try and finish it soon. But the gameplay just goes far to the tower room. No gameplay farther than that. This is a revamp of my very first map.

As you were escaping worlds that were colliding, you managed to stumble upon an exit, seems like an exit? Well, there is only one way in. Looks like some facility. A neon sign saying “FE1” so assuming it leads to Flood Escape. The sign is pointing to a vent, which seems fine? As you look down there, its blocked by some planks, doesn’t look like you should jump down there or you will fall. There isn’t another way so you fell anyway. As you fell, you broke the planks blocking the vent, and landed in a facility. There are 2 vents. Leading to a Water Pump Facility (which was flooded months ago, and got blocked with rocks) and a vent leading to FE1. This place looks really interesting as you have never seen it before. You look below you and realize there is lava. Which could be bad. So you now, you gotta keep going from here. Attempting to escape, as the place would flood.

:bar_chart: Map Info:

Map Info
Map Creator(s): InocularGaming
Map Id: 3273777211 :x:
Temp Id: 3664854021 :white_check_mark: (will be added to main id once finished)
Difficulty: Insane (Even tho it says crazy)
:loud_sound: BGM: Waterflame - Boneyard (might be changed soon)
Extra Map Info
:bar_chart: Map Status: Playable , W.I.P.
:brick: Part Count: Unknown
Map Version: Test V.1
LDM Mode: :x:

:camera: Pictures of the Map:


:video_camera: Videos of the map:


Remember, this map is very wip, so suggestions are allowed. Crititsm is allowed.

woahhh the detail is outstanding, awesome job
although i think the first room doesn’t fit and is a little bit awkward, but i think it can be improved

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What wdym by first room.

Since I don’t really see anything wrong with it, except for the digital part spawn.

Yeah I think I should improve the digital part since I should change it to something else other than that.

Ngl This jump is rigged as hell imo


holy epic swag gameing it looks phenomenal

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Whats with everyone using this face all of a sudden lol


idk ._.XD

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To be honest, there are some people I forgot about when making the awards. Inocular was one of them. Sorry about that…

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i wonder how this map can have a revamp, it’s awesome
but now i know why

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I love evamps

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first of all, i love this map, you out-done yourself.
though, i have some things i want to point out.
first of all, the digital spawn is very awkward and doesn’t fit at all, i suggest changing it.
the tower is kinda inconsitent, those metal neon boxes are very detailed, but the walls are under-detailed. so i suggest either decorate those metal boxes less or decorate the walls more.
otherwise, i like this.

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This has nothing to do with that

I was just making a joke out of “I wonder how this map can have a evamp, it’s awesome”

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one room digital map trash
jk its really good

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I could nerf the jump to the bridge if you want me to since it may be harder for mobile players.

i think you should remove the railling make it look like it was rip open you know to be able to jump to (Sorry if you dont understand what i mean) but this is a nice map


Sorry for the late reply but that jump should be nerf to make it easier for mobile users.

This is probably gonna be wip for a very while due to me losing motivation and ideas. And me being lazy all the time.

But for this year, should I try to finish it? Maybe but it’s up to me.


Man I really need to work on this more often than just leaving it out here