Disoriented Storage (updates soon haha)

Status: Finished, might update
BGM: Dimrain47 - The Final Hour
Part Count:1706
Buttons: 11
Completion time: 1:10 - 1:30
ID: 2988947846

a definet original idea omg a facility goes sicko mode and pipes go triggered run or angery water will get u aAaAaAaAaAaAa


note: some areas might be cramped but it doesnt affect the difficulty much
Suggestions welcome lol

whatcha think lol

  • hot
  • bad as hecc
  • ur mom
  • good
  • needs improvements

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  • by your very local mintlord. Thanks for reading :smiley:

oh no he used a free model box

who cares

good map mac

this is not a free model feder

wRonG pErSoN



the e also counts as my name but i got used to ‘fed’ here lol

its fed(e) roblox 244 nob

btw how do you like this map fed (no the boxes aren’t free models i’m sure)

its very Epic


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i like this
kinda reminds me of a easy map i was planning to build

i’m sure he build this on his own and not decal

its glowing so it was made by him

how u do this thing with the picture

snipping tool

i didnt use a free model box lmao

it’s called crop using windows 10 photos now (for me)

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lmao it looks like it xdd

yes it does if you looked in toolbox for that “wooden box”
might be want fede is thinking lol

yes thats what i meant lol

this map is good as a

mac build a pollus