Disoriented Storage (updates soon haha)

:snowflake: :evergreen_tree: <---------- i need this to destroy the memories
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feder NO

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lime destroy snow tree

if all you’re gonna do is memes, perhaps give a vote instead lmao

ok mac you got my votus

sorry no have vote for limit

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk then

oh nvm i had a extra vote AAAAA

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yes, i built it lol

good sir minty

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Not bad xdd

Map Revoow :clap:

yay review aaaaaaaaaa ineedtostop

So this is cool. I must admit that this must be your best map yet. Right amount of detail, somewhat decent gameplay, it’s alright. In picture 4 it could use some improvement. Also this:

Instead of parts, use wedges. I know it will be a pain in the butt but it will look a lot better.

So gameplay. I have a lot to say about this. One (this might be me) but wall jumps and diving… EHHH. A new player should’nt have learn all the mechanics just in one map. I feel like you should try to get rid of the diving and wall jumps. (Again this is just me.) Gameplay in Picture 7 is…

CRAMPED. It’s really cramped in there tbh. Could at least put try to make it bigger?

Last to thing to mention is music. It’s… alright? I don’t really know how to feel about it really.

That’s really all I have to say…

My overall rating: 8.2/10

Try to make more in the field for an Easy (or just change the difficulty). This map for me has some potential. Overall good map.


thanks for the review
yea i might make some parts spaced out
also idk about the music, it kinda syncs if you’re fast but i cant find anything better
very eh map overall
might use more wedges
idk if i wanna replace walljumps for now,
WHAT diving section?
the reason i made pic7 cramped is because to block shortcuts lol

very big big thanks

God I make so many grammar mistakes on mobile.

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big oof

deserves my dota-erm i men vote



laughs more hysterically

yikes my throat sounds like a screaming eagle

ok i dont get it
i never voted for the map and i see this
someone explain?

6 characters but 5 votes?

seems legit