Distinct Unit ☢

:rotating_light: Warning: Very Hard/Challenge Map! :rotating_light:

Distinct Unit: :radioactive:
Status: Complete, Gathering Support
ID: 2923463368
BGM: Homestuck - Nautical Nightmare
Completion Time: 1:42-1:43 (solo)
Buttons: 9 (3 of them group buttons)
Parts: 2777


The final map in the series. The map takes place in a giant facility which holds some familiar places for testing and experimentation. There is a main hub, which has containment pods, and power beams, and the core, which is where the facility gets its power.

This could be the final map you’ll see from me, other than the rebuild of Perilous Springs.


You’ve made it to the final place. What sits here is not what you expected, a near functional facility? Except not for long, as the building has just become unstable due to its core and is causing major flooding problems. The building was used for rebuilding, testing, and experimenting with familiar environmental capsules which remind you of your scary, close experiences some time ago.

When the core failed, the building was abandoned immediately, however, its employees were never seen again. Some say they fell from a high place, others say they disappeared on the other side of a bright, but mysterious white portal out the back of the facility. Just as you entered the building, the facility started flooding very fast. Flee the facility, or perish in the boiling lava.


None yet. Probably won’t update this map much.

– Pictures –


Base Hub:

Spring Pod:

Snowy Pod:



Volcano Pod:

Control Station:



Couldn’t find any yet.

Looks good

Although they are really bright neon, it’s looks good. Lighting for the outside parts could be improved though

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most neon are really bright imo but the gameplay is different right


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  1. perilous springs
  2. frtozen settlement
  3. boltzone
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holy nice
although cut down on the neon, other than that it looks good

The unit zone thing is good
But the trees look kinda weird



im confused because it’s over doing the neon but at the same time it isn’t

Oh I saw this on the fe2 squad message chat.

Good job with the map really reminds of a mix of northern workshop, blue moon, and abit of lost woods. :+1:

This does not appeal to my eyes. An awful lot of the details are way too thick, some of the color choices ruin the vibe. Gameplay is decent tho, thats a plus


So this was the map in the sneak peek
Looks great!

too much going on

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so many different areas like volcano, spring, winter. know that’s kinda hypocritical because my map has the same thing but still looks decent so i’ll give you a vote for this one

where do you even do after the snow pod

this map looks very confusing because of the details, plus lack of obvious path or arrows

the difficulty is Crazy

i don’t know what to say about the map other than it has a nice range of colours, cool bruh

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always professional design and gameplay, epic

This map will hurt my eyes

not gonna lie
i like the detail but the gameplay is way too difficult for a crazy
i dont even think it’s even possible in solo