DMinecraft’s general posts

I’ve seen ppl make these types of topics.
This is gonna be where I put my ideas for topics so I won’t make useless posts and flood the forums lol


yAy AnOtHeR gEnErAl PoSt!!! :clap:


hEy sHoT uP >:(((((


yeet didnt use this psot tday so ye

my own game leak!1!11!

Solar Eclipse in Sg lol

eh I also went to see solar eclipse

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I’m at Malaysia rn lamo

I’m remaking abandoned facility
Photos will be up soon lol


I have kinda created a timeline of my maps
Mesa Dunes > Overgrown Debris > Technological Lab (name will change to Laboratory Meltdown or better lol) > map that has no name > Seaside Islands > Pirates Bay > Unfinished maps/cancelled/others > Magmatic Valley > The Chaos > Annihilated Factory > Self Destruct > Digital ??? > ???bot > (no names (abt 3)) > time ??? > Nostalgic Remnants > (no name (abt 3)) > Theo??? > ???2 >??? 3 > no plans

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I have started to revamp Overgrown Debris
It’s kinda weird rn but im finding a way to make it fit in with the ambience
(Pic leak this fri lol)

overgrown oasis be like

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hEy mY mAp wAs eArLieR

Overgrown Oasis was like in jan 2018 lol


But aspa made the OG earlier than Jan 2018 so ha

I still need likes in my Me and the boys before Eleven joined the forums reply in my general post

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while looking for inspiration for a map, i went to look at “mars” and i wanted to add rocks into my map. So for more examples, i went to search for “rocks” and found this

free model? :thinking:

k nvm found the exact same one
free model lmao