Do you guys think I should make another map or not

When I get done finishing my final update on chaotic carnival, should I make another map or just leave it at that or wait a bit.

Really just want some honest opinions, idc what you say, just that it’s your opinion.

And if your wondering what chaotic carnival is here is a link to the map.

Decide yourself.

you do what you want to do

Put a poll, like this:

Spaghettisine or sine139 should make another map?

  • Of course!
  • I don’t know…
  • No!

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Kinda ironic since one person put no and then other put of course so its just 50%.

Oh nevermind.

Ta da.

It’s his choice but I’m going to say yes.
Also that was good english Time!

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You’re being ironic?


Good English too!

I literally just made a spelling mistake.

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Oh okay.