Do you think this community is toxic?

Yes you did but

I don’t want to annoy more people
Otherwise, I will get offended more

basically uh I know nobody will agree but here’s a list of people I absolutely hate here:

  • myself
  • aliaka
  • colatherobloxian
  • alphandom
  • thegiftbox
  • kirby lover guy (?)
  • xxanna_devxx
  • emmanuel rodriguez

yeah im gonna get hated for this

gun clicks

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Why alphandom?

Reasonable. It’s been a while since the Anna drama. I’ve began to ease up on Anna now.

  1. personal reasons
  2. yes

how is that a reason for hating alphandom

are you like dumb or something

by “personal reasons”?

its personal, i rather not tell it to everybody alright please respect my privacy

can you tell me about it in private message?

sorry no its quite embarrasing actually

i rather tell it to only close friends, thanks

Best not to persue this, if they say its personal reasons, just leave it at that

wait wh

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In pro servers people are super kind. The real community like the forums, map test and YouTube are just CHAOS. Discord is a little bit toxic, but not the worst tho. People really should just leave the community really. Why are people so toxic? The internet is full of toxic people, especially this community. So I’m going to use my part by leaving the community (Apart form my game and YouTube.) So if someone is toxic to you on your own content or something. Ignore it, report it or delete it. Maybe I’ll return when it gets better.:frowning_face: But hey, be polite. You don’t want to get banned, do you?

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Mostly, the community is fine for me but a bit toxic for you guys. Also, I can’t understand what you guys said.

Even also, people are kept buffing maps from stealing the original map by someone.

Can Crazyblox need to STOP those people who buffing maps in FE2? I hate seeing those maps with buffs.

alright Crazyblox have an outside life and doesn’t have that much time to constantly update the game everyday, and about banning map buffs, how would he know if the whitelisting slot becomes a map buff? there’s too many buffs to be deleted and some of it is private.

imagine YOU deleting all the buffs, does it stop? map buffs aren’t that big deal if you STOP giving it ATTENTION especially these popular youtubers, they gain views, then people start to play the map, the map got popular, more youtubers played it and done we’re all doomed.

Crazyblox can’t stop them all, if he can, it would disappeared by now. he can’t do it alone so :clap: STOP :clap:, stop giving them ATTENTION, hate on me if you want, do it i deserve it.

now go away.


No, I don’t want to!!

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He isn’t related in ANY of this which is good for him.

everyone when we fix toxic people in the community:



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