Do you think this community is toxic?


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Actual revive

Lol, BigBoi left the community because the community are toxic. (In the forums).

Yes jalowui left cause of that :rage:

I still remembered Astro mistakenly thinking I violated a rule even though it has nothing to do with hate speech

(yes im reviving it because I saw the reply in this topic)

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The people that annoy me the most are :
federoblox244 (aka FedeDoesStuff)
alternoobive (yes)
Tho I don’t think the whole community is toxic
Except of course
anna (idek what kind of drama was that since i wasn’t here lol)
emmanuel rodriguez (yes, the fe2 youtube “hate bot”)

how does anna annoy you even though you don’t know what the drama was lol

i didn’t say she annoyed me lol

oh lol

I may have been too toxic there. Oops sorry if I was. My anger strikes again
Anyways, could you tell me what annoys you from me?


If you think this community is toxic, then you’re not just wrong, you’re stupid. Here’s the truth: the most toxic people in this community are the people who say it’s toxic. It’s this mentality that “Oh! Drama is occurring! This must mean the community is toxic!” that hurts the community the most. So, do me a favor. If you believe the community is toxic, get off the bandwagon and go to some other game communities. I guarantee you’ll find something more “toxic”. Anyone who jumps to the conclusion of this community being a toxic environment makes me grit my teeth.

Before you say this rambling rant is toxic in itself, no… you’re wrong if you think so. This is because toxicity ≠ truth.

Also, most of the “toxic” drama in this community happens because some bird-brains give attention to people that they shouldn’t be giving attention to.


Most of the people here are very sensible, mature and fun to talk to if you get to know them more, its just a few people who spoil the fun. Calling a community toxic is like calling everyone here under a bad name and that the people are never to be trusted


In every single community you’ll find the “This community is toxic!” people. It’s sad.

It is true. People who have personality disorders like me shouldn’t get any attention as of they are too annoying to deal with over time, so just ignore people like me. I guarantee that it will make your time in the community way more better.

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What did we even do lol

He just thinks that because you gave him a hard time.

Classical people :man_facepalming:

Wth did I even do to him? I spoke to him like 2 times

Cause we disagree to him lmao

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Sometimes people see your behavior and they might think less of you because of that. But I’m stupid anyways so don’t look to me for help.

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