Does Crazyblox still whitelist?

I’m sorry if some of you classify this as spam, but I really need to know.
There’s a Roblox bug i’m experiencing where I can’t see old models and I can only see map slots I didn’t whitelist. I’m wondering, does Crazy still whitelist? I commonly go to the game and it always says there are too many maps in queue. Eitehr i’m slow or I don’t check often enough.
If someone managed to get their map whitelisted in the recent 2 months, can you tell me in the comments?
Thanks, hope I’ll be able to upload maps soon…

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there IS a chance it is still continuing, as it can tell whether it’s cleared or not on the @fe2game account.

So, can I tell when was the last time he whitelisted on that account?

he whitelisted some days ago. you can check it in the @fe2game account on twitter.

Thank you a lot!

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np, glad to help!

It’s already full

did i ever say it wasnt full? no. read it again.