Does soemone (yeah) have vip?

hello everyone.
does someone have some VIP server MAP TEST to help me record one map that have garbage gameplay? its the last thing that i need to record for my “comeback” thing video.

FE2 or Map Test.

map test

Just play on solo lol.

i tried, but i cant beat it solo lol

Then just keep practicing the map until you can.

dont think that im offend you but i think you dont need to write points at the end

I mean okay then lol

and by the way i already practiced it but there is one button that is impossible on mobile

Ok then?

FedeDoesStuff have 1m million of servers vip, I don’t know why…

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he is offline

Oh…so I can’t help you, my server vip it’s not working and I don’t have robux to pay it, sorry.

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nevermind guys, i did it solo lol