Does this look good?

hey… ive been making a map and was wondering if ive been doing good with decorating it… i also want to know this becuse im about to start doing my part of a 20 person collab and want to know how far i should go with decorating my part!

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A little deco in the 3rd picture should do it

it looks fine

Looks alright but a 20 person collab???

only problem for me is the bland cave and more details please

Looks good. There is room for improvements though

wait what does ur thing next to username mean

you mean hege? well… that was an abbreviation of mine for hedgehog when i was young… and i just stuck with the username for most of my accounts…

not you
the “CCTV” next to toainsully’s name

yeah that toains name

should be better if you added more deco to pic 2 and pic 3