Dont Play KilledByCZmons Flood Escape Games

The Reason Is Litteary If u Say He Copyed A Game (if ur a friend he will unfriend u) and ban u from every game just saying its a copy. no u cant even join his games. i dunno but i think he will just be mean to u if u met Him in a friends vip server on fe2 map test. ye bye.:anguished:

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Nvm Dont Listen What I Said

whos that

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grammar 100

Literally, if you say he copied a game, he will unfriend you if you are a friend. He will ban you from every game by just saying its a copy. You can’t even join his games. I don’t know, but I think he will just be mean to you if you meet him in a friends VIP Server on FE2 Map Test. Yeah, bye.

I had to correct it.

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Yeah I couldn’t understand what that guy originally said

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