.dress's general post

DressPress’s general post

this is my toh section called “Dark Tunnel”

i made 2 also, but they are sux


Cool tbh

Please stop making topics named “[insert username here’s] general post.”


Save posts,

Save the forum environment

what the hell? i made this post because i dont want to make a thousands of useless general posts, ok?

@Brwinpa my notifications saying:

Then stop following me lol

no lol

i appreciate you so

can someone said who keeps flagging me for no actual reason.
all 5 posts that got flagged is from “united states canada” post, and some from banwave post.

reveal yourself, a guy who want me to lost my regular third time.

isnt it too long for toh

alrighty baes

my account is officially overtook @DystopianGamerFE2’s account! (more like a fact lol)

also can we have an F for this boy

he quit forums because of toxicity and me


omg after 8 days of suffering
i played piggy like each day from 11 pm to 3 am without break…

i did first step like 10 times, i did the city with player+bot but when i was going to take a Mrs. P pic, someone gotten it before me.

so i friended my new friend (duh) and i spend my whole day (today) on this. no one came to VIP, so i said my friend to friend (lol) my alt. so, i did true ending solo! (my brother helped me tho)

Now, you need my respect, take it.

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so fun to see how deleted accounts have “anon[randomnumbers]” name now lol


my notifications for today:

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