Dynamite Plant 🧨[16 votes!]

Status: Almost there!

Description: Old map that I never finished. Decided to do it up a bit!

ID: 4578474124

Part count: 3046

Pictures (These need updating!):



Feedback is much appreciated!


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I suggest changing the lighting

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Lighting looks quite odd in some parts, I would recommend reducing the sun intensity somehow

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This looks… Amazing.

From first looking at the pictures. I suggest you adjust the lighting.

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after 3 consecutive replies, lighting is now a must :joy:


Edited lighting a bit, any recommendations?

I’ve got a few more changes to make before I put up the ID too so feel free to leave some more suggestions!

add grass blades
nonetheless, the map looks cool and reminds me of tf2 for some reason


I’m not too sure on grass blades. The player never comes into contact with the terrain (it’s purely decorative) and tbh im not a massive fan of the block grass blades any more lol

thanks though, I’ll give it a shot!

Added some grass blades and powerlines, here’s the ID yall 4578474124

Could use some more decoration. Maybe smooth out some edges or something. I can’t tell what I find off about it.
Anyways 5/10.


ayo welcome bacc aspa

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It originally had a lot of decoration but that was way off, made it look chaotic and cramped, so i don’t think it’d be that. And most of the edges are smoothed so that’s unlikely either. It might be a preference thing, it might not, but if you do figure out what it is, please let me know!
thanks for the feedback too :smiley:

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Played the map. I’m guessing it might be something to do with the colours / contrast.

The map’s gameplay seemed nice, though I got confused of where to go at the 4th image’s location. The map felt cramped at certain times. Still I reckon it’s a good map and if you were to work on it more it would be an amazing map.

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Noted, thank you!

Here’s a video on Colour Theory. I’m hoping it helps you with making stuff on Roblox.


high graphics?
also looks cool

I like it

that simplicity though
+1 vote

Instant vote, but I would change that gate in pic 5