Easiest for each difficulty?

I randomly thought of doing this after remembering a BoonMoon video I watched like 1-2 years ago.
This is all from a person doing a map SOLO.

Easiest Easy: Axiom.
Unpopular opinion but I find axiom easier than Castle Tides, no joke. The water is pretty decently slow, and there is quite a lot of walking that is able to be cut using corner-cuts. There are very little jumps too, same as Castle Tides making the map easy but fun. Why not Castle Tides you ask? The water rises slightly faster than axiom, and the doors closing can kill you. I have had the door shut on me a few times.

Easiest Normal: Decrepit Seas.

It’s a bit hard to disagree. The water is pretty slow, and the gameplay is very very easy. There is quite a lot of walking, making it very easy. I don’t really have much to say about the map.

Easiest Hard: Snowy Peaks.

It’s another easy one, with walking and the jumps are pretty easy, making it a fun and easy map. Always my go-to for playing.

Easiest Insane: Gloomy Manor.

Abandoned Facility would def be up here without it’s buff, so therefore Gloomy Manor takes it’s place, the gameplay is pretty easy, and it’s not that hard to complete. I don’t really mess up on the map unless it’s the first room where I sometimes mess up on. It’s another go-to for me when solo.

Easiest Crazy: Blue Moon.

im not good at chasm and haven’t beaten it and only beat blue moon so its up here now xd.



BoonMoon made a 2021 version of the same video.

But what is is the easiest hard, insane, and crazy?

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read the first reply

rip lol

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My list:

Easy: Lost Woods

Normal: Decrepit Seas

Hard: Snowy Peaks

Insane: Familiar Ruins

Crazy: Blue Moon

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Crystal Cravens or Fallen for me

i probably would agree if not for the gbj

i find oriental grove to be easier


hi familiar ruins exists

i agree

i find gloomy a tad bit easier because of the acid in the second room and the new slides but that’s my preference

I find lost woods easier than axiom and ct

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