Easy map compilation out!

It’s on YouTube and will be instant premiere. So make sure you watch it!

It’s out, watch it now!

Video is processing now!


It’s out! Watch it now!

Premiere is over…

Nobody watched it but me. Very sad…

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im going to watch it

give the ids

IDs will be added to the description soon.

Ok, the IDs are added.

thank you very much

i just subscribed lol

You shouldn’t be advertising

thought you said flood escape related things are fine
or am i wrong lol

This is about Flood Escape so why not?

Yeah but advertising your channel and stuff that aren’t related to FE(i.e gd videos and posting them here) isn’t okay and counts as advertising. Sorry but it’s the rules

i never blamed them or anything???
also true actually

The video I was showing them was FE2, not GD.

And I only put the channel link in there so they could get to the video.

but this is a fe2 compilation?

but he’s linking his channel, not his video?

oh wait yeah he is

Ok I get it now. Can I change that?