Effulgent Repudiation [Nacreous Update + OST]

Status: Whitelisted, Legacy(?)
Description: A map of which each room bears a different color and building style.
Creator: givemenamepls
BGM: Dimrain47 - Forsaken Neon // thundershocker 1 - Electric Boogieloo

ID: 4372143417

First section

Transition #1

Orange section - Main sector

Orange section - Power generator room

Orange section - Useless room for aesthetics

Green section

Transition #2

Tower ascent - Bottom View

Transition #3

Tower ascent - Top View


Secret area

Trailer: [Outdated]

took ~4 months to build cuz i’m lazy kthnxbye
Stay vicious. - g





yes chain

yes Rất tuyệt vời

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forum tiếng anh dùng inh lịch nha =))
rất tuyệt vời rồi thì vote cho cái :((


i remember when you showed me pictures of this map but wip lol

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that was about 5 months ago

Lowercase Eradicated facility? Also yes

At the orange section, looking at the left window and up reveals the tower. I’m not so sure how I feel about that sticking out. Of course not many people are gonna see it but it just feels weird.

Anyways, nice job on the map. You really outdid yourself on this one.

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Time for epic criticism by carefulscary :ok_hand:

Details: Okay, first of all, most of the details are cool, but the new corroded metal things in orange section are just spammed and don’t look kinda good :confused: sorrry if it’s offending, it’s not meant to be offending ok

Second, i’m a perfectionist, and when I saw that the circle part in mini pipes in green section wasn’t the same size and just was a bit bigger than the pipes itself… it made me… M A D D U S. But I think that’s not of a problem, since most people won’t notice this. Also, in the green section where you have to walljump, I think that the hex detail is kinda overspammed. Not to be rude or anything.

Third, sOm pARs iN dA tOWEr wOOm aRe tOo hAR ogm :triumph: :angry: ok just kidding. In the tower room, I think you should decrease the part count, since there are WAAYY too much details in the tower room’s walls. That’s not a problem for me tho, since I’m a NASA computator user and it doesn’t lag for me at all, but for potato users it may lag.
Overall, the details are great! 8/10

Gameplay: Now, as it comes for gameplay, I think the gameplay is fitting for an Insane, BUT there are some parts in the map which annoyed me (kinda), because they are cramped :frowning: For example: the purple vent transition to orange room is kinda cramped imo. Maybe it’s just me :man_shrugging:.
The tower room is also kinda tricky, since on some jumps you can die not by your own mistakes, but by their s m o l size.
Overall, the gameplay is medium. Try to change some stuff and it will make it good! 6/10

Pacing: The pacing of the map is not so perfect for Insane, since I think the lava is WAYY too fast for an Insane one.
Overall, the pacing is medium! 6/10

And now, time for total count!
Total: 20/30. The map has potentional to be added, but of course some stuff needs to be improved. That’s all what I have for today’s review. Bye!

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kindly take a look at the map’s difficulty again sir
anyhoo thanks for the feedback, same goes to you @Vis

i already changed some stuff to Insane before you replied :stuck_out_tongue:

also welcome bacc b o i :weary: :ok_hand: :100:

yes i just suck at building.

sir how does that have any relevance regarding this topic

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aye give is back

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Hey, yo boke de chain >:(


Lowercase Eradicated Facility is actually very good. good job on the map

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