Electrical Base

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Hello there, this is one of my maps i worked exactly 1 month (im lazy lol) this map has the theme of a facility/base i actually love to make maps but im sometimes very lazy to make ones lol, im actually new to this forums so i guess this is my first time uploading a map to flood escape 2 forums (also thanks to federoblox244 for the guide) ID:3225620178 help somebody steal the map and put it in the fe2 fangame he made also that fe2 fangame does have so much stolen assets

Pictures / Videos of Map-

Box Storage Room

Spawn Room

Factory Room

Ngl, looks pretty good!

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youy you should add more pics

i keep dieing at 2nd lvl elevator

this my fake name btw

Pretty empty, don’t use just lines for decoration because it doesn’t help and is very overused, I don’t know how to formule this sentence, but maybe add like, panels, computers, beams, and more? The line decoration is overused and well… doesn’t make it less bland.

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Also, the boxes look unfitting and weird.

he has made another one called holiday spirits i guess he’s gonna make a post for that

alternoobive i did added more stuff in the room of also i will try to make computers panels and beams (this is a old pic also)


ok im going to do that

then update the pictures lol
i didnt play it because i was at school then

ok there i added more pics

Tria Resurgo and Speedbreaker references be like

This is really good but some areas need more details. Maybe add pictures (ex. Gloomy manor picture frames) or just make the room a bit smaller. Do whatever you want. This is a really cool map!

um for some reason i keep dieing at the elevator
idk how so ill give this a 8/10

keep jumping in it

I don’t know what is happening in the elevator when you reach the next floor you die

this is the official prequel of forsaken foundation yes

Rip this died