Electrical malfunction v3

The id is 3007571175. There’s an air feature. Zipwire and an opposite camera. Embots are robots that can be kill bricks or not.

we already knew that???
there’s a map topic for it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

We appreciate that you want us to play, but we already know.
Thanks though I guess?

for a sec I thought this was a bootleg electrical malfunction and was going to @ Ethan

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cool map


Ethan said its a good map and it is

it’s literal irony since it’s his map lol

or am i not getting the joke

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Same but I don’t why people say map making kits hard and castle tide impossible


Jokes there strait boring

I’m doing approvement and memory and I need memorize what the id for memorize

videos for that map exist, look them up
they probably have it’s id in the description

Ik but how about fandom

fandom is a wiki hosting site
how can it have the id

If you type idk doors fe2 fandom it will show what I’ve heard