Electro Bot -- Updated [Version 3] Tank Submission ⚡-- [Changes]

A Robot tank I created based of another project, I tried keeping it basic so it fits into the theme of FE2. Hope you guys like it !!

Creator - Ethan76167 (Roblox and Discord)

*Version 3

Version 3 introduces a few more details (more like crazybloxs style), less spaced out details and less parts also removed the legs as they don’t fit for the Fe2 theme

Instances of the tank

  • 24 Parts – Converted into meshes CCF/False and CF/Box
  • 1 Beam
  • 1 Surface Light
  • 3 Attachments
  • 2 Particle Emitters

Front View

Back View

Left View

Right View

Top View

Note the Eye part has a small beam effect.

The red part indicates the position of the tank on the HRP THIS WILL NOT BE VISIBLE Picture on v2

Position on the player (Can be scaled down to be smaller/bigger) V3

Small Comparison between v1 and v2 and v3


Do you think this will get added into Fe2 ??

  • Yes
  • No

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What are the chances of this getting added into Fe2 ?? (Your Opinion)

  • 25%
  • 50%
  • 75%
  • 100%

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Do you like the design of the tank ??

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Might create another tank so stay tuned :eye:
Feedback/Suggestions are heavily appreciated.

Hope this appeals to Flood Escape Team


This is actually really good


This is genuinely pretty good.


This looks awesome. Good job Ethan.


Wow that’s good! Reminds me of the turrets from portal.


thank you ethan, very cool!

On a serious note, this actually looks fenomenal. Good job.

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Tysm guys the support is just insane.

This is epic.


10/10, deserves to be added.

ok. to me this just looks like an air tank with legs (or i am just blind and didnt read the post correctly)

if its just an air tank with legs, it probably wont be added. however if you made it walk around, that would change the whole idea of the robot tank so you can’t just stand over the cover and collect it instantly.

i still like its design and effects though. good job ethan!

edit: im an idiot i didnt realise that these are cosmetics


this is alright i guess

love it

Hell yes

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that is amazing!!


Thanks guys!

wow this topic is getting a comment every second lol

yay a portal fan again
i luhv portal <3

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wow that’s good…

of course electro bot lol

I can see this in FE2, though the particle emmitters may lag the place for low end devices. You’ve got my support!

(why do i keep going to say ‘you have my vote’ xd)