Emote: Ground Pound

Price: 40 gems

Kinda like the mario ground pound.

Length: 1.75 seconds


I’d like to suggest a few things:

  1. The start of the animation should have a jumping segment. Right now it just like the character just floats up awkwardly.
  2. The left arm should swing upwards faster. By the time the character hits the top, you immediately switch out of it and looks unnatural.
  3. The head seems to lack movement entirely. Maybe have it tilt downwards when you’re in the flip.
  4. When going out of the flip, maybe have a split-second where your character hangs in the air in the curled-up position. iirc that’s how the animation would normally play.
  5. The dropping segment should be a little more abrupt. Instead of a pound you just sort of look like you’re falling normally.

Thanks for the feedback! I will take it to heart

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