[Emote] Pushups

Recently got into animation, and I made this! (I know the video is a bit choppy)

technical details:
Length: 1.25 seconds
Keyframes: 8

In-Game Details:
Price: 150 - 200 coins
Description: “dude, now is not the time.”

Thank you for your time!
I have some more auras/emotes/tanks and maybe… even a buddy?

look’s cool

i recommend to keep doing this! (crazy even announced on his twitter that he was going to hire more people to make tanks, emotes, buddies etc.) this is cool and basic but i recommend using a animation tool such as moon animator.

haha I guess I should have clarified, I used moon animator and this was an emote I made to try to join that team, thanks for the suggestions though! and I may change the animation a bit because for users with wings its hard to see the emote

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this is a really quality emote, great job. i can see it being used

Um sus

it’s not all about linear, you can have a try at other easing styles too. try messing around with easing style and direction, you’ll get a smoother animation from your trial and errors. also try to put some realism into the animation.

you have a long road to go, i’m looking forward to your future works.

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