Emote Submission - A Helping Hand [Updated]

You really do need help

mad man takes of hand and gives it to you since you really do be struggling. quite literally a helping hand.

Creator - Fai2020
Keyframes -

im not counting
Duration - 4.00 seconds
Looping - No

This is my first ever animation. Things may not be as clean or refined as they should be and may be a bit ‘static’, so please give me constructive criticism on how some parts of the animation should be. And also excuse the fact that the gifs may be a bit choppy. A returning animation will be done soon.

On Dummy

On Player

Update 1
  • Added more motion changes for a more fluid feel.
  • Legs after the bounce back no longer slide during and after the slide (it kinda does; not obvious now).
  • Should be in the Halloween category.

A returning animation is to be done at a later date. Note that you move forward a stud during the animation.

Give help on how I can improve. I just want to see if i’m doing things right.

i love how he just breaks his hand from grabbing his other hand nice


I love this



Very cool! The only thing I’d improve is the turning animation, the character just slides on the ground, maybe make it a step.

That’s really cool man. Great job.

then how about the returning animation? if not it’s like you are gonna escape floods with a missing limb

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rip right arm

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woah that looks cool

Exactly. Try to loop the animation, otherwise it won’t look as good.

a return animation would have to work by the current anim being a separate starter and the returning being a separate end anim. i’ll see if there’s anything i can do for this.


original animations with around 100-200 or so less keyframes

That’s a lot of key frames, you could really reduce it.

the absurd amount of keyframes are used for smoothing. removing them wont achieve anything.


Well for a 4 second emote, dunno man.

LOL YeS!!!

The fact that Lilltea1 commented on this item is bizarre

I LOVE THIS wijrfhuowfe

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now make it so its spraying blood everywhere.