Enchanted Mushway 🍄 [110 VOTES CELEBRATION UPDATE!]



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100% + Updated!!! :white_check_mark:


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Enchanted Mushway 🍄 [110 VOTES CELEBRATION UPDATE!] - #232 by Icy



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Mushway is a land of Sunstopia (an earth alike planet), also one of the most important places in the planet, located in East Nouthern Sunstopia. It’s a “poisonous” land surrounded with alot of fungus and plants and it’s also covered by huge mountains, hills. The land has a core (one of the 3 main cores in Sunstopia) with 5 crystals representing to 5 places in Sunstopia:

  • Orange - CAT.inc core facility (Glacier Blizzard, Nitrogen Zone, Core, Shutdown)
  • Green - Krophition jungle
  • Red - Sunstopia’s underground facilities (Breakdown revamped)
  • Purple - The Mushway (Mushway, Emerald Grove)
  • Blue - Sunstopia (main crystal of the core)

The town in here is a central place on Mushway land, the town is also situated around the core and it’s also the most stable place in the entire land. The land has alot condition in foods, water and also suitable atmosphere. However, because it’s surrounded by tall mountains and also focus on cliffside so usually the people in here build alot of platforms to expand the land also make a path to connect with other houses.

Mushway is also a place that contains alot of important medical plants, magical mushrooms which is really convenient in making healing potions, magic powder and enchanting weapons. Its core can keep from the leak of mushroom corruption (the corruption occurs in Shutdown) which makes every plants, vegetables, water in Sunstopia deadly, unusable.

_Backstory :mushroom:

Few days ago, there is a small strange earthquake occurring in this land damaged the town in the land. The earthquake released a strange radioactive fog that it makes the atmosphere, water, mushrooms getting deadly which causes a starvation to the people in here. Most of residents are leaving the land but also alot of them died from drinking poisonous water, being corrupted and killed everyone, some people have decided to stay at home because the air can also kill people if they stay outside for too long and Mushway is also a big land, too, but they will also suffer from starvation to death. After the affect of the earthquake, the crystals are also starting being undermined, making the land sinking into the deadly sea, affecting to the survival of the planet.

The way to prevent from destruction is to find the main cause of the earthquake and stop it. A person travelling from Mushway to Krophition city saw a laser from the central land of the planet drilling thru the surface and maybe the laser is the main cause of the strange earthquake but where it is from?



_Information :mushroom:

  • ID: 2211241615
  • Creator: I_zcy :snowflake:
  • Difficulty: Crazy :fire:
  • Old BGM: Waterflame - Field Of Memories (Stick War OST)
  • New BGM: DominoContributing - Enchanted Mushway (OST) https://youtu.be/UzqAlvN_uBs
  • Solo time: 1:39 - 1:45
  • Parts: 3.9k parts
  • Disclaimer: This map is inspired from Vesteria, Hysteria (by Zlurm), Abyss (by Tony333444) and > Eternal Garden (by Tiedgamer)


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Old ver

New ver


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Enchanted Mushway’s development journey has finally reached it’s end, it takes me totally 5 months and I have finally finished it. At first, I got unmotivated, pressured and anxious from both society and real life and I planned to scrap this forever. But, after I found the importance of revamping this “hit” of mine, I have found out that the map can bring my building skill to high tier in ROBLOX and shows everyone the building skill, hard work and improvement and it also brings me hope and dream for being a map designer. This map means alot to me and brings me alot of appreciations from people in ROBLOX dev which makes me thinking that I should bring this map back and continue developing it. I’m afraid of being flopped so hard like 2 of my newest creation got died after 1 day releasing them, I even got involved into some big stupid dramas and made my reputation downgraded. But Im glad that I have finished my best creation I ever made. I hope Mushway as my newer creations will be appreciated, supported and graining alot of positivity by community. :mushroom: :heart:


– 4/4/2021 –
Thank you everyone for “110” votes in this map! I thought this map would be flopped so hard but turns out, the map has finally made into 100+ votes! I’m very thankful about this and I’m sorry for the latest update because it was a joke for April Fools lol but I did this because it was for “preparing updating”, that’s why I put it into the official ID instead of new ID for it. Wew, enjoy the new major update!!! :mushroom:

hi there, nice map.

(too laggy for miiii)


Me: rate this level as:


Really amazing detailed map! I like it!


This is beautiful!
Everything is fit!
But lag doesn’t fit.


its also one part of Freedomdrive (:smirk:)



Rip my sewers shortcut 2019 :disappointed_relieved: (this is so sad story …)


I like this map because of the vibrant colors, well done!


I sorry but I have to do it. :))


mushway buff 10000000


Good I hope this gets to fe2


So ya… for Enchanted Mushway… I think I should fix some gameplay especially at the bottom of second room. It’s confusing everyone a lot about lilys and vines so I might make them into plank platform and make the parkour same as old ver. Thank you for suggesting. I hope you enjoy it!


wdym by this

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I hate fast typing lol

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Just why


I might add some vines on the walls and improve the wall colors because they are really bland for me. Thanks to Angery for the suggestion last month lol.




Earned my vote. Great solid map!


ded map e.e