Enszo’s Timeline

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I’ve been a fan of Enszo since he released Dystopia V3. Ever since then I have followed anything I could find on what he was going to release. Even though I didn’t know what IDs to put in FE2 Map Test at the time, I was always wondering what the next map that he released would be like. One day, I found Enszo’s YouTube channel and found a W.I.P. Series called Building an FE2 Map. I was amazed. Not because I had found something to watch on YouTube, but because finally, after 9 months of waiting, Enszo was building a new Flood Escape 2 map… Focus.

My Personal Review of All Maps in the Timeline:

Flashbacks… in my opinion the most annoying map in the timeline. It’s just not my style. I like the map a lot, and it gives me memories of beating BTR for the first time for some reason. Anyways, I don’t have much to say for this map and while I think there are a few ways to improve it, I’d be happy if it stayed how it is.

After Flashbacks:
After Flashbacks is hard. I’m not going to lie. It was the 6th map in the timeline that I’ve beaten. I love the idea of it, and I gives me a FR vibe. I really don’t see anything wrong with it besides that tiny platform in the parkour area. I died there 8/10 times. That was really annoying but overall, I’m glad I beat the map and I personally think it’s a good continuation of the timeline.

Between Time:
Between Time is probably the only map I haven’t tried to beat. I never really showed much interest in it, and the few times I ever even played the map I kinda rage quit. Still, after watching the videos on how to beat it I am reconsidering trying to beat it. Honestly, I just see this map as a good filler between After Flashbacks and Time Machine.

Time Machine:
Time Machine is probably my 5th favorite of the maps in the trilogy. It took me four days to beat it after I started trying to and overall it was very fun. I loved the recreation of the FE1 Lobby and then the rooms near the end that caused you to gotta go fast. I enjoyed this map a lot, and I am happy that this map was in the timeline!

Digitalization & Digitalized:
In my opinion Digitalization is the easiest crazy map in the trilogy. It was the third one in the trilogy that I beat, and I am satisfied with how it turned out. Sure, it wasn’t my favorite map, but I am really happy about beating this and I think it fits in with the timeline.

Digitalized is just plain hard, but I like the style of it and how challenging the map is in general. I don’t have much to say about this map. It is almost the same as Digitalization, just harder and more intense. I am satisfied on how this turned out however and I am happy that this is part of the timeline.

Future Ruins:
Ok, Future Ruins is probably the most annoying map in the timeline because of the part where you are in the start of Dark Sci Facility. It’s also broken now, because the box doesn’t fall after the 3rd button. But, I liked this map for what it was worth before it broke. It was the 5th map in the trilogy that I beat and I am really just happy that it is in the timeline. It fits there!

Alright… Dystopia is PROBABLY the most well known Enszo map. I personally have no regrets with the some 300 attempts I’ve suffered already and that I still haven’t beaten it. Dystopia is fun. It gets really easy once you settle in and I really like the layout of it and honestly I just enjoy playing it. Even if I die at the spinning laser every time I get there. This map was an amazing addition to the timeline and there is only two maps that I think are even better.

Waving Facility:
I don’t have much to say about this. It is honestly my least favorite of the maps because it has so little detail, and the fact that it just doesn’t fit with the
level of detail that Dystopia and After Flashbacks had just really angers me. I am really happy with the fact that it makes a good filler between Dystopia and Focus.

Focus is my favorite map in the timeline and by far the hardest for me. It took me a month, that month consisting of 13.5 hours and 620+ attempts of pure torture, rage, and screaming. I don’t care though, as Focus was the best crazy map I’ve ever played. And it still holds that position today, even after 6 months. I love the gameplay of the map. I love the amount of detail that Enszo put into the map. I followed the production of this map when Enszo began releasing his Building an FE2 Map series on YouTube. Overall, this is the best map in the timeline and I am extremely happy that I got to play and beat this map…

Lost in Time:
Lost in Time is a decent map. I like how everything becomes black and white and we go back in time and visit every single map in the timeline. I like the idea and I really was wondering how Enszo would continue the map after Focus. I am really happy that this was created and I enjoyed this map a lot.

Monochrex is easily the second hardest map in the timeline I beat this over the course of 4 months, and within that 9 hours of playtime and well over 400 attempts. I really love the monochrome theme and I like how it continues along Lost in Time. I kinda wish it had more buttons but I can understand why it only has 2. Overall, I love this map for everything it stands for and I am glad it was put into the timeline.

The Grand Finale:
The Grand Finale is literally the grand finale of the timeline. Though I am sad to see this timeline at an end, I am happy that it ever even happened. I beat this map after 3 days with 2 hours of playtime and 55-60 attempts solo. I love the song choice (Nirmiti by Xtrullor) and I love how the gameplay twirls around a center pillar in the tower section. Overall, this was an amazing end to the timeline and I am happy that it ever was created.

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Overall, I am happy that this trilogy was made.

I said this in the Focus post, and I will say it again…

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