Eradicated Facility [FINISHED]

Eradicated is officially released to the public and finished!

New update adds rising lava to the map, making this map more difficult than the time limit. Also some new features, including some animated parts and some visuals. We want to apologize for taking so long to bring the map back, overall, we were really busy, and that delayed the time to fix the map. But it’s finally complete.

The Eradicated Devs

ID - 3007572768

Status: Whitelisted
Creators - VRANZO, XCesaro10X, DominoContributing
Shoutout to CoreSpaceCoreSpace and Ethan76167 for improving the map and adding additional features. Also Lugia731 as our tester to measure the time it takes to complete the map.

Description of Map
Flood Escape 3 is out and everyone has abandoned Flood Escape 2 to play the new threequel. You are the only one left. It’s been years since Beneath The Ruins perished and even longer since Familiar Ruins perished. However, a secret facility was found in the exit of BTR. This facility has also been involved with the ruins of FR and BTR and is extremely dangerous to enter inside, but it’s your only escape route out of here. This map is known as a continuation of Beneath The Ruins and also has a mix of Familiar Ruins as well. Unfortunately, the destruction of this facility leads to the destruction of the place you are all familiar with.

Estimated Time To Complete: 1:39-2:00 (depending on how many players and performance)

Music/Original Soundtrack: Blastii - Eradicated Facility

Eradicated Facility Revamp

This is officially the current project that is focused right now. Here are the new pictures, as of 2/17/2019.
Pictures of Map-

Beginning - Beneath The Ruins Exit Area as the beginning. We have added a pickaxe and some particles to reference the Warriors episode from Lugia731 that features this map as a location.
Front View

Back View

Facility - One of the largest rooms in the map, this is the facility itself, with major detail and fair platforming for an insane. New update adds a plot to the four doors scattered around this room, which connects the rooms to reduce time. We also added a background for more scenery behind the glass. Added some background detail and some visuals.
First Section
Front View

Back View


Green Door - This door is where you will enter the facility itself, the first room and the facility connects within this door.

Orange Door - This door leads to the core room and will now be accessible within the facility and not after it. Since the placement of the room change, the pathways that the room has is no longer supported. Button 1 is located in the center of the facility room and opens the orange door to proceed.

Core Room - Changes: Buttons 2 and 3 are present in this room now, and now do not go back to the facility room, please proceed to the door in the core room that opens.

Purple Door - This door leads to the purple hallway, known as the Pro Server Hallway, with parkour, hazards, and other rooms. The hallway was enhanced to look much better. In the newest update, the core room now connects with the purple room, and now the passage has been reversed so you end up in the facility afterwards.
Pro Server Hallway

Button 4 is found here.

Eradicated Room - One of the rooms that connects to the hallway.

Pro Server Hallway

Eradicated Room 2 (super original name) - This time, this room now holds Button 5. Told you that this goes backwards now.

Pro Server Hallway - You now go through one of the doors that will redirect you to the other side of the massive facility room.

Second Section
Front View

Back View


Red Door - This is the final door of the facility that you will need to get through. This door leads to the rest of the map. Button 6 gives access to this door.

Monochrome Room - This is a small room, though the platforming could be a bit difficult. Some references are visible here too.

Ruins - Introducing the new room from our newest update, this is possibly the biggest room though it’s not that hard to navigate, in order to save time for map gameplay. The forest section of the map has been removed and the tower room has been removed.
Main View

Back View

Second Section - Button 7, the final button of the map, opens the door to the crate room, which is seen in the distance ahead.

Crate Room - Not really much of a room but connected with the Ruins section, this section will lead to the lobby above. This part of the map was buffed.

Lobby - At last, the eradicated lobby. This is a remake of the lobby at the end of the previous version. We gave the lobby more of an abandoned look, as well as some easter eggs, here. Updates were made here, the broken screens have a live static effect.
Front View

Back View


Finish - The lift in the lobby will lead to a glowing light that leads to the finish. The exit is right over there, the exit also leads to something special.

FE3 Lobby - This giant exit region is where the exit eventually leads. You can find some very accurate references here in this fan-made lobby by us.

btw super accurate map difficulty

A thank you message for your development and journey through this map. Thanks for waiting and playing!

Old Eradicated Facility

This was what the old Eradicated Facility used to look like, it was a very detailed map, but it was severely broken. This usually made the map famous.
Pictures of Map-

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The concept of this map is pretty phenomenal. I really like the use of colors. +1 vote for you!


Thank you. This map will turn out great once I get to play it.


Dude i need crack texture and you get em a vote ;D


Wow! This is so cool! I’m getting BTR and lobby vibes but this looks just amazing! One vote for you!


I have the crack texture on my inventory
Search on roblox ZzRadix
Go to my inventory press decals and it should be there the crack texture

your name is tagged

well then search
then press the player that got guest skin

Such a awesome map!!! cant wait to play it!!!

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Ey, thanks for 7 votes guys!


What if crazyblox tested this map and saying, meme, and me

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Broken Flood Escape 2 Lobby

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Cool!!! i really like it

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Thank you!

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Thanks. Yeah, that would be a good match for the song, but I was thinking of another song. Maybe I might ask sesejohnd to compose a song for the map, so i can create the audio and put it in game.

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The impossible game fe2 eradicated facility edition

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It’s so cool that it has lots of details make sure it did not pass 1:48 and 2:00


1:20 solo 1:40 multiplayer if in official game

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I have the cheez it logo on my notifications

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