Eternal Frost [WIP] [10 VOTES! 🎉]

please i need votes for food for my family :pensive:

Status: 78% done, gathering support
ID: 4315477462
winter map hi

Additional information

[All dates the Europian date format [DD/MM]

Part count as of 28/11: 1527 parts
BGM: none yet
temporary BGM: Waterflame - Field of Memories
lines of script as of 28/11: N/A
total buttons as of 28/11: 7
map lenght: ~1 minute

Pictures of map

please give suggestions im really out of ideas

to do’s:

  • make the map atleast 1:20
  • add more btns
  • decrease the part count
  • make the map more detailed
  • fix z-fighting
  • get 10 15 votes (lol this is more like a goal)

thanks for reading like and subscribe i hope you enjoy my map kthxbye

it looks very empty tbh
try more adding trees lol

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ok, but as i told you, it’s wip; it’s more likely i’ll finish the layout first and then the detail

This maps looks so nice. Can’t wait to make a video about this map in Christmas!


This looks so awesome Noobie!

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Thank you owo

Also what’s new in Miniware :thinking:

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omg ALTER noob IVE used MESH :pensive:

though good job, the map looks awesome so far

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You know I think we have come to the point where we should stop using blocks for the ends of our paths. Like its okay if you like it more than wedges but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth tbh

Map is looking good so far keep it up!


I don’t know I really like how it looks, but I mean I can try with wedges as well

Also thanks

yes i use MESH

the truth about this map is i was so lazy when i made wedged terrain, i just exported it as a mesh and reused it a lot :joy:
also if ur talking about hexagons i just searched hexagon in the toolbox, then remade one with wedges and blocks and exported it as a mesh for easier scaling

Just Beryl’s pics and you can see how it looks.


Hmm okay I’ll check.

rollin’ out update 1!

new stuff:

  • added more trees (suggested by DMinecraft999)
  • added a little bit more gameplay
  • added more crystals to the cave
  • broken id is released, the id is 4315477462, i have no idea why but the first water is completely broken for some reason lol
  • started planning next area aka. probably a village
  • also i know that there’s z-fighting in the last area, i’ll fix it when i’ll finish it


to do’s for update 2:

  • more detail
  • part reducing (the part count is already at 1436)
  • possibly making the paths wedged?
  • start out the village
  • fix atleast some of the scripting
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update 1.5

  • more script lines (probably broken lmao)
  • nothing

wait for update 2!!! releasing tomorrow probably

i finally fixed the script go play and give suggestions pls

now i’m eternaly frosty

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pls play the map i need to know if its confusing or is it too hard for an easy im not trying to beg but i need others’ pov on the map

map is rlly cool but the house doesn’t look too detailed and its a bit empty, add a christmas tree lol and some snow mans
how do you do the wind sounds?
and how do you make a Map Picture that appears on the lfit???

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  1. house isnt meant to be detailed do you want a overdetailed house? imagine how horrible that’d look
    also it’s not a christmas map it’s a winter map
  2. there’s a sound for the wind
  3. go to settings then mappicture of whatever i forgot then paste the id of your decal