⌛ Eternal Sorrow (RELEASED!)

Status: Done

Why did I make a forum post of this?

Knew people might ask this. I’d be surprised if anybody consider this a map. It’s not meant to be a map. It’s meant to be a challenge. Like many submissions here of the same category.

I understand that many just don’t like buffs. I also don’t like them either. I kinda just came in and decorated to fill in my boredom. I’m pretty sure if you’d ask any of the team members, it’s just for fun. What’s also common about the maps in this category? Some of them are, like what I said, not meant to be in the game.

This was meant to be a challenge, not a map. I’m not saying you can’t criticize this, I’m saying if you hate buffs so much, ignore this topic.

I know the decoration isn’t anything innovative like I said it’s not meant to be.

Got it? Whatever, moving on.

Description :

ID : 4362129952

Credits :

  • Original Overdrive Creators : creeperreaper487 & KayoLuvsMayo

  • Gameplay : BuildIntoGamesMaster

  • Decoration & Scripting : A_ltrix, veryfakeguest, Evan_sonic, n4kt, BuildIntoGamesMaster, CrystalTokyo & Grande_Tony

  • Playtester : RichardIosRBX, Cll0y, 3s_n & BuildIntoGamesMaster

Preview :

RED SECTION [Decorated by A_ltrix]

PURPLE SECTION [Decorated by Evan_sonic]

GREEN SECTION [Decorated by A_ltrix]

BLUE SECTION [Decorated by n4kt]

GREY SECTION [Decorated by BuildIntoGamesMaster]

[Decorated by CrystaITokyo]

[Decorated by veryfakeguest]



I wish you all good luck if you attempt to beat this.

Really great map. I love the details. I don’t care anyone says that this is a revamp of eternity.

6/10 because this map is kinda overdetailed

looks like everyone really love facility and techno themed maps

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They are easy to make and get a lot of attention thats why

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How do you people even join this…
Challenge map revamp thing?

They only prob accept “known” ppl


its alright but idk about the neon
also dont tell me this is voxel lighting

Btw can’t wait to see the map
Im gonna complete it if it’s released on January 2020

omg bad mapa cuzz ovadruiv baff reEreARWEtFWS~> geldfmhgw!
jk this map is really good and im not against buffs c:

I bet when someone’s gonna post a poorly made buff you’re gonna say “DONT POST BUFF :rage:

incorrect! if someone post a buff i will
ignore it
i WAS against buffs but i am not now

So why arent you ignoring this post?

Dont ignore the question

Since when is replying considered drama tho

Just tell me why you said youd ignore the buffs but replied on this

Not the biggest fan of this map, but I have to admit, detail and gameplay looks great.

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Nice job Alpha huge improvement from your past maps my only suggestion would be less neon mainly the huge bar things in the first room and to do something about the beams in the tower, as when I played it they were kinda distracting.
image also make the owo into an o :zap: o

This map has very good details but…

…why does it have to be a Overdrive buff tho?


not known, build actually selected the few that are experienced from his server, ofc, most of them have made popular maps before, i never rlly released a map.

don’t randomly assume things, lol.

it’s just max graphics + compability, i’ll also make it shadowmap compatible in the future

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