EventString Tester?

Does anyone know how to require mapScript (im guessing) by :Invoking “local Lib = workspace.Multiplayer.GetMapVals:Invoke()” (Bindable Function im guessing) in a returned value such as: “Lib.Script” Comment if im wrong or have an answer!

Why would you need to require the map script if GetMapVals returns everything you need from the map script

ive been trying to make a eventstring tester (theres already a eventscript tester by henry if you havent noticed) and i also thinks its because of security since Crazyblox knows how to require using “:Invoke()” (I think) it confuses the by passer or something like that

I actually figured out how to this;
The solution was actually create another script and Onvoke GetMapVals and create a table on the returned value

but what if we already have henry river’s map tester or is just for one thing

he wants to create a map tester for eventstring since henry’s map tester works only on eventscript

I’ve actually made EventString work today, you guys can buy it


ill leave a link lol