Everything Wrong with Vio

Everything wrong with Vio in 42 minutes or less (or more).

Disclaimer: This thread is meant for entertainment purposes and not meant to insult anyone.

He spends most of his time on Discord.
+30 sins

He plays Call of Duty.
+42 sins

He was number three in the Discord server.
+10 sins

He failed to try to keep his third place spot in the server.
+15 sins

He will take months to get to level 75.
+13 sins

He’s been in the server for almost a year. (When this thread was written and posted)
+304 sins

He’s survived almost a year of talking with Foofy with little to no insanity.
+50 sins

He’s bad at humor and making jokes.
+9001 sins

His roblox avatar has the doge hat on it.
+420 sins

He wasted his time making this thread.
+999 sins

He created a forum game that just won’t die out.
+999999999 sins

Everything else that he didn’t have time to list here.
+∞ sins

Sins Total: ∞
Sentence: Wasting his life and abilities on the internet.


La mayo

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You revived a year old thread… That makes no sense.


That’s what Coffee does

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Coffee be using the revive card.

uh what does this mean

I was once the #3 person on Mee6’s Levels Leaderboard for the Discord server. I’m not #3 anymore, but I was at one point for at least 7-8 months straight.

Sorry for the late response btw.


ok then

Why do people wear doge hat anyways?

I wear the doge hat so that my avatar is a Ninja Dog well technically a Ninja Doge but it fits my username just the same. I don’t know about the other people who wear it though.


Yes I’m a sinful person who also copied this idea from another user who copied this idea from cinemasins.