Evolving Labs [finished!] (3 votes 🎉)

Status: 95% complete, not whitelisted yet, collab

Description of Map
Once, there was a lab called Evolve. They ran experiments of many things in there, but they had no idea that one of the workers was a mad scientist. The scientist used a newly-invented chemical and used it inside the exit facility. It can summon any material and grow it to an enormous size. Guess what happened? He summoned slate and lava, and now the facility is in danger. With the help of your friends, you need to get to the end of the map or die. Good luck!

Pictures / Videos of Map
Pics :

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BigBoi for doing a big part in the map
givemenameplsRBLX and a456pur for being the best workers
LetItBe for whitelisting old versions of the map
VioletRhys89 for doing great work
Somitton for doing the amazing starting room

blocky.exe spotted

i actually did nothing… im useless…


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im the only useless one here ok

oh no a typo

you’re not


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hey WeTestMaps,

  1. I updated a lot of the obstacles, so you should update the pictures.
  2. I updated the EventString.
  3. 2714782138 - The official model of Evolving Labs. Already whitelisted. Property of a456pur.
  4. I changed the BGM :stuck_out_tongue:

also @a456pur oopdate the model pl0x

PLEASE make the rooms a little bit less blocky. things start to get bad after the first pic… and the 4th pic is weird…idk

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the pics are outdated now~

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oh ok
imma try the id now…?

the official ID isn’t updated tho lol
if you wanna try the current version, here’s a temporary ID: 2628308941 (evolution revamp D:)


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Map R̶a̶n̶t̶ Review (based on gameplay)
this map is just…super bland. the first room is the only room that has something to do with labs. the second room is weird it’s like random parts were put as a parkour and named “lab”. I see so much copy and paste things, more effort could be put into it. the map’s gameplay is pretty good, but the map itself is confusing. add more arrows please.
I can’t rate the final room since I haven’t beated it yet.

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i tried my best to improve the map ok
wanna see mah wip map?

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YAS YAS YAS :smiley:

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Uwu, Ok