Explain this

Let me explain about this.
I was normally playing with my friends, featuring: BaconsOwnTheUniverse, firephoenixproyx, Steel_System, ImagineHuman, etc.
And then Bacons said: “Rejoin”.
I ignored him, but then after 12 seconds, The Lobby Music stopped playing.
Nobody was moving, they was like statues with the NameTag, except me.
I could not move too, but when i jumped, i didn’t jumped, the jump animation loaded, and it was playing with loop.
And when i looked at down. I seen a humanoid inside some model, with name on it: “R6Rig”
I though this was FE2 R6 Animations but when i seen it i said to myself: “Flood Escape 2 has also R15 support? Impossible, but maybe this is to load Animations? Perhaps this is storing FE2 Animations if crazy accidentally changed their ID? I have no idea what this are even doing here.”
Could someone explain me what do this “R6Rig” Model do? Also, Crazyblox, if you are reading this, could you hide the model to ServerStorage or ReplicatedStorage? You can just leave it where it is. Thank you!


Yeah, it’s this thing called lag you’ve probably never heard of it before.


Like said above, this happens when you have an extremely high amount of lag.

The R6Rig is most-likely used to load animations and is probably activated upon a certain amount of ping.

Basically, this isn’t a bug, it’s most likely just something that happens within a script when you have really bad lag and are about to d/c.

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You’re on massive lag
might’ve been kicked but it even failed to connect that to you


That’s some damn lag
Check your internet


not gonna spam, but i can’t deny if it’s a lag. the movement use r6 meanwhile the r15 most likely used as animation support. just like what @coolzak35 said

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