_______ Exposed Videos

A lot of the FE2 community is posting joke videos about exposing random YTers for hacking. They are jokes that were once funny, but now are not. I don’t want to be a complete content cop and point out every little thing here, but this is something nobody has talked about. People are still doing it, and they are low effort videos, which even if it is intentional, it still is lazy to do these kinds of videos. They always use a voice bot and bad grammar to be “funny.” They could spend an hour or two building this lazy content, while they could be scripting, building, or making good content. This is just pure lazy and boring content. If a new exposed video comes out from the kinds of people, I know it’s a joke unless it says it’s not in the title. (Nana2050 did one of these, oh no)

I think this trend should just stop. They are taking up my recommended space. You can make actual exposed videos, but I will appreciate it if you don’t make these. I am not saying any of the people who are making this are bad, (Except Nana2050, of course) but this isn’t funny anymore, just wanted to get that word out. It’s 8:00 EST, goodnight.