Exposing Hieunguyhiem09

Ok before you reply, I don’t have as much info, as most info came from this map: Click here


so basically, Hieunguyhiem09 is a map stealer, which he stole many maps. Such as Pandora’s Cluster and Enchanted Mushway in the topic I mentioned above.

But it does seem he has been doing it for a long time as he as stolen a bunch of maps and claiming maps as their own.

I don’t really have much info but just reply to this topic to see if we can get more info on who he is.


correction: he didnt steal them. he remade the assets. not sure about enchanted mushway part in unfamiliar development tho

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oh no, a potential map stealer :weary:

it isnt evne the full map too lol, its just a knock off version of it. I recommend doing research first.

but oh boy, his azure labs remake is too suspicious. looks frame perfect.

At least we know it’s not the map creator.

Well, atleast he remade the assets, it’s not like a #### persons who don’t should live, like CammyLee08, yhoza_x and many others lol

But yeah, still

cammy stopped like a year ago?

according to time cammy stole anaog’s map

I don’t think Azure Lab Isn’t a remake. (This is just a theory)

Remaking assets isn’t technically stealing them, right? Because you’re REMAKING them.

Nah, he steal maps like Marred dream (and it’s very recently imo)

Also I Think You Went A Bit Too Far There Bro

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the only differences are the trees

hold up wha-

When, though? Just recently or a while ago?

no idea, he told me “cammy stole anaog’s map”

Like, Hie did every got permission to remake them or even put on his map?

i dont see why you need permission to remake stuff… its not copyrighted


I don’t know. I didn’t know if you needed permission to remake something someone else made.