Exposing Liam Boonthueng

Hello everyone and all my fans! First of all, I didn’t have any intention at all to send hate against the person that im going to talk about in this topic. All I want is just to know to my community that this person is doing some bad things against me and some other impactful persons from this fandom. I want that you guy are aware and careful when seeing or talking with this person.

So today, I had enough! I wanted to expose this person to prevent him from getting too much importance and problems around this community (even with all the rest of the drama that is happening at the moment). I also had to do this topic due to the fact that this person was making some false rumors about me and him.

So first, who is Liam Boonthueng? Liam Boonthueng also known as Jullakorn_Liam or ShutdownLiam is a map creator for Flood Escape 2. At the beginning, Liam started making basic maps with his own skills. However, with time, Liam started to make more and more maps with stolen assets in it (mostly including my own models). Other than that, he also started to make his own fan-game related about FE2. His game includes a ton of stolen maps that he didn’t ask the permissions from their creators including me. Plus, he even started to make himself credited in stolen maps (like if he was the original creator of the level itself). With all that said, he still did more bad things such as supporting map stealing throughout the creation of free models.

So now, let’s talk deeper about each things he did and what’s really wrong with them. The fan-game that I recently talked is called Flood Escape Training. It’s a game that is showed with stolen pictures from maps made by famous map creators like LionLai123 for Radaken, tony333444(me) for Shutdown or Electroman and many many more. Inside the game, you can that some of these maps we’re replaced by its name inside the credits of them. Right now, the game is closed due to the amount of dislikes he got, it is really pathetic to see someone closing his game just because people are not smashing the like button (and we already know why people dislike this game). The reason why I found that his game got stolen assets is from video evidences. Liam actually have a youtube channel showing videos about his game and you can literally see throughout that most of the maps are stolen.
Also, due to the fact that Flood Escape Training got closed due to hates, he is involved in the creation of game sequel from Training which is called Flood Escape Vl. Its the same game but just made by another person, however I really do think the creator of FEVl is an alternate account from Liam just by looking at its profile. So here’s the link about the 2 games and his channel if you are curious to check it out.
Flood Escape Training
Flood Escape VI
Liam Boonthueng

Other than that, Liam is also someone that is highly supporting map stealing and he is also pretending to be the creator of several famous maps like Shutdown for example. He is saying that me(tony333444) said to him that he was the original creator of Shutdown WHICH IS TOTALLY A LIE. I never said to him at one point that he made Shutdown, he is literally not a creator, he is a thief trying to get success within this community by having famous creators falsely supporting him. Not only that but he also pretending for being part of a collab with me(tony333444) and Ethan76167 in it. So not only me is impacted by that but also other creators such as Ethan. By the way, Ethan76167 knows about the actual situation right now so no need to message him. Most of his creations that you can check it out on his channel contains quite a lot of assets from my maps (electroman platforms, shutdown pipebridges, etc). Electrical is that map in context that is falsely collabed by me and Ethan. The picture down below shows some clear evidence of stealing.
Link of the video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7v0W5Lr5fk

Blue : ReImaged? It really seem that Liam though it was a good idea to name his revamped level ReImaged which is literally picked and stolen from my map called Cryogenic Blizzard : Reimagined.
Orange : This is obviously false, Me and Ethan never collab with Liam for making this level.
Red : He is right that the music is Dark-Sci Axiom. However, the creator of the soundtrack isn’t ZappyZooms at all, it is thundershocker1. My theory is that Liam used ZappyZooms instead of thundershocker1 to show that his map was made by really popular content creators and by that, he can get fame from his map.
Also, you can see through the comment of this video that he is trying to make his fandom believe about the false collab.

Another thing you can also notice is that he is supporting map stealing throughout the official FE2 Wiki. If you check on the Shutdown page of the wiki, you can see that the word Shutdown is connected with an hyperlink. If you click on this hyperlink, this will lead you to his free model of Shutdown and by that people can secretly get the model without getting to much caught. The images down below show the steps of this.

Yet, he is still pretending of being the original creator of Shutdown in the comments of the model.

There might be more of these hyperlinks made by Liam inside the wiki that lead to a free model of the map. We can clearly confirm that Liam is somewhat supporting people to steal maps. I highly support people to report this person from Roblox but also from the Wiki itself by contacting the administrators of it.

So that’s all I wanted to talk about for today, I made this topic to prevent this specific person of doing the same things over and over again. But also, to prevent people from supporting him. Liam is a stealer and even if he helped quite a lot to make the FE2 Wiki since January 2020, he is still a thief and he will do anything he can to steal maps and prevent himself from getting caught by that. All I want to do is to put an end to this thing because stealing maps and claiming these for yourself is horribly bad and can affect the fame and perspective of other people such as me.


I hate people who lie like this.


i cant believe people that dumb exist
hope that person learns his lesson haha rhyme


He will, trust me.


Finally someone raised awareness

Tbh the first time I saw that video, I thought you helped with the map (along with Ethan), but when seeing this map I realised that the building doesn’t even look like yours, and then RadioDash2019 (or RaxdiiGames, idk) said that you didn’t participate in that map. On a random dm (not gonna say which one) it turned out that this dude was a total liar who wants attention by giving false credits and TRICKING PEOPLE into thinking that you built this, but compare that map he made and Shutdown or even Electroman. That map doesn’t even barely MATCH your building style, also it looks like a walmart version of Electroman Adventures.


Well, this it’s sad but that’s the human…

Well this it’s a serious case who have to stop, maybe, if you have a YouTube channel, just make a video about it, more people need to see this.

This man has no help to society. did they told you perm to take the map or just take it and add it to their FE (trash) remake??

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wait what language is that?

I mean like what do the other things like video date, where it says how many views? What language is that?

Hey tony I agree with everything but like

You don’t own the word ‘reimagined’ lol

Also this dude has leaked other maps such as Core, Technolove, Digital Virus and others


you dont own the word “reimagined”

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I only recognized the views:

I was brought to the attention of this when I saw this in my recommended. I replied to Irla’s comment and he came with “Shut Up, idiot” and I went on. Well, that is what happens when you try to move away from the truth :man_facepalming:


If he is starting with you, he will get to others shortly. This could have a big impact on the community which is why he needs to be stopped.

Its french. Sorry, if it is in the way.


Also to note above he deleted comments


words like “Shut Up”, “idiot” and “noob” were used against me :man_shrugging:

On the map “Mist Jungle” (which is the original version of a bunch of reskins he made) it says that disney12 made/helped with the map

Ye but I mean, what im trying to say is that his map names are literally not original. You can clearly, im having an impact about what type of map he is going to make. Instead of reimagined, he could have use something different to describe the same thing like V2, improved, revamp or something else different from what I just wrote. I mean would you like that there more than one map called Shutdown in this whole community? I don’t think so.

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Irla was confused on the fact this doesnt look like a creation both you and Ethan would make

Ye sorry, I just misread the comment you did. Now I understand properly.

Well, what an actual… I can’t swear here.


Yes, finally someone talks about this guy.