(EXTENDED) Floodum Dare - A FE2 map jam

Logo by @TheMob99
Floodum Dare is a map jam where you have to create a map in a week (extended to 2 weeks instead of a week) and submit (by replying to this post with a link to your map’s post.) to the forums!
inspired by Ludum Dare

  1. You cannot submit any maps made before this post’s creation date.
  2. Maps should always fit in the rules of Roblox.
  3. Feel free to spend as much time as you want, you have a week, don’t rush your self!
  4. If your map gets a low place, don’t worry! Be proud you got a place!

Best Overall
Most Fun to Play

Let’s start the map making!


i like the idea - i’m in!

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jokes aside i’m not in since i suck at map making .-.

id like to participate but i cant build till the 18th since online exams

Oh, rip.

i’m in

this is like game jam or something

Ah, ok! Thanks for replying though!

i’d try that, but not this week sorry

also the reason why is the same as what @Overminted said :pensive:

rip : (


pls give us 2 a chance for maybe next week (at least if the exams finish or the week after :pray:)

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I might do these map jams every month or so.

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made a new logo for ya

Oh thank you, I’ll replace the current logo with that and credit you! :smiley:

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you son of a script, I’m in
I dont think i have time for this, but maybe I’ll do it!

Ok, awesome!

oh god i hate shadowmap

I know right??!

can we work in compatibility and you add all the maps into an open flood test copy game?