Extreme Room 4 ⚠

Extreme Room 4 :warning:

Status: Whitelisted/Finished, Playable
Creator(s): Phexonia
Difficulty: Crazy
Buttons: 5
BGM: MK2 - Destructoid
Map ID: 4288451476

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Update Logs

Version 1.0
Released in May 23th, 2020

  • Map Released

Description :scroll:
Extreme Room 4 is a challenging map that was inspired in Flood Escape. Extreme Room 4 has 5 buttons to activate other interactive platforms to survive without touching the lava. Be quick to make sure you have a chance to get into the exit by pressing all of the buttons, which makes the last door open to let you get into the lift at the end of the map. Good luck!

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Original Version (V1.0)

Original Version (V1.0)
Released in May 23th, 2020

The video hasn’t been recorded yet! Please check back soon.
If you would like to record the gameplay of the map, it’ll be a pleasure! :hugs:

oh boy oh boy new phex map


quite nice actually, fits the fe1 style

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3 votes in less than a minute wow!
I will rec this if possible

looks nice
+1 vote

though the map has the same problem as mysterious seas, it overuses corrodedmetal. try to not overuse corrodedmetal and the map will be better


Ok I will rec this map

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This is the fastest growing map I think wow

I’ll be fixing that in the next update. Thanks for the tip! :+1:

tho i wonder how he would fix that issue tho

simply by replacing the material to like idk maybe just metal

new phex map wooo

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i love this!


Me when phex makes a challenge map


It’s how I see extreme difficulty maps in FE1


Honestly, this is just a revamp of the first extreme room, but I like this otherwise!


Oh wait, I’m stupid.

where th do we go after the 4th button

ok nvm beaten it alr

good map but kind of confusing

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Uh oh I am going to die

The last time I tried beating system that took me a hour


It looks so cool!

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