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I don’t know how to name these things okay…

Welcome to my creation post thingy. I post updates to my maps/projects here, which is cool I guess?

Current WIP Maps
  • Underworld Laboratory [Crazy]
    • Status: WIP (30%)
    • Creators: The Underworld Devs
    • ID: 5294489097 (Temporary)
    • BGM: Yozy - Underworld Laboratory OST (Previously Eradicated Ruins OST)
    • Estimated time of completion: Late April-Early May 2021


  • S.C. Crystallized

    • Status: WIP (-1%)
    • Creators: The CyberNetic Devs
    • ID: no
    • BGM: Camellia - Crystallized (I wonder where I got the name from…)
    • Estimated time of completion: like three months
    • no pictures (cri)
  • Collapsing Factory [Hard]

    • Status: WIP (55-75%)
    • Creators: ExtremeMaster999, XxrobloxmsterxX, GabrielTVplayer (Help: coolethaninjaboy)
    • ID: 5294489097
    • BGM: A Hat in Time OST - Collapsing Time Rift
    • Estimated time of completion: 2077 Early May 2021


Planned Maps
  • Startup Failure Sequel (no official name)
    • Description: Really really really really really difficult map (I know it’s gonna be bad and it hasn’t even been started yet). Map creators get their own section to detail and design gameplay. Why am I talking like this,
    • Info:
      • BGM: I don’t know lol
      • Difficulty: Somewhere between “I want to cry in the corner” and “I want to repeatedly punch the map creators in the face” please don’t
      • Length: I don’t know lol
      • Creators: A lot of people (I’m one of them! :D)
      • Estimated time of starting: Soon?™

List of Maps
Map Name Difficulty Status ID
Collapsing Factory Hard WIP 5294489097
Nebula Island Insane Finished 5294489097
Underworld Laboratory Crazy WIP 5294489097 (Personal ID in future)
S.C. Crystallized Crazy WIP N/A

I’ll post my creations and map updates in this topic, so yeah thanks for reading have a poggers day


100 part challenge map cancelled because its like 20 seconds long and looks terrible lol
sc crystallized is now in development
(sc stands for spacecraft because that sounds cool right)

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Gameplay’s definitely gonna suck (you know, it’s SF) but decoration isn’t going to be :sparkles: neon spam :sparkles: and would actually look cool i think


sus amogy gus rus!


Just Put The Underworld Devs

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@ExtremeMaster999 i’m kinda mad you only put you and gabriel.

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then made 11+ others.

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sorry i only included the map/team leader (since he started the map) and me (because it’s my creations post lol), i changed it

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Also I’m actively working on S.C. Crystallized because underworld lab is quite slow (nobody has made any new gameplay???)
here’s a quick img

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c r a t e


yooo sweet
i’m at regular trust level

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work on S.C. Crystallized, looking noice

underworld laboratory getting a major update pog!

this is looking poggers

pls. dont. leak. underworld. lab. pictures.

o k

Working on a new map :grin:

Centuries fall out boy or warriors imagine dragons

but it’s not my map tho :v
it’s a collab (which we haven’t started yet i think)

Oh 5 letter