Facility [Crazy]

Status: Whitelisted/Gathering Support
ID: 3825515571
Buttons: 11
Song Name: Beneath The Blue Moon Facility by ThunderShocker1
Quickest Time (Solo): 1:40
Longest Time: 1:42
Description of Map
This map is a facility, thats literally it.

Pictures / Videos of Map
From here the glass blocking the vent will slide down after a few seconds, then you traverse the vent to Button 1 and the first parkour room.

From here you are behind the large wall, the first button lowers the lava down to where the bottom most platforms are visible, traverse along those and the floating platforms to get buttons 2 and 3 and enter the second parkour room.

From here you then traverse along the platforms that are seen from the lava below, you should see a area in the middle of the room that looks like a pathway, after getting button 4 you then go down in there and traverse to the 5th button.

After getting Button 5, go back the way you came and go the other side of the wall beside you, traverse a few more floating platforms to button 6 and then go back through to the yellow square linear path.

From here, traverse up the platforms to the end and then jump up, you then go to the left to another room Keep on your toes as you cannot afford mistakes

Then traverse the platforms here to the other side of the top of the linear room.

Then go to the right from the entrance to that side to get button 7, then quickly jump back and run along the path, making a turn to the right there and jumping across a hole, going through the transparent wall and travelling through some water.

After getting through the water, turn left and get button 8, dont go too far to the button though and then backtrack to the door now opening

Then comes the big tall room, go across a little parkour to button 9 and then back to the now walkable platforms, climb up to the large squarish platform and then jump to the wall behind for button 10, then go along the platforms some more.

You’ve reached the final room, wait the wall at the end is opening, The lava is rising, quick through the opening!

One final climb, be quick now, the lava is quite fast and one mess up can spell your doom, quickly traverse up to button 11, the platform that button 11 resides will fade, then go through the neon and the map is completed.

Any feedback on the map is appreciated, i dont want to change any platforming though as the map would more then likely become impossible to beat then, i have tried it and i have beaten it.

Firstly, find a better name for the map. Secondly, don’t spam textures (especially hardware/DSF)
Also it’s really blocky and looks very cramped will 1 stud platforms


One, I’m thinking of a better name at this time, it was just a placeholder on a whim
Two: im minimalizing the textures now, possibly just going to go with mostly neon stripes on metal with hardware like platforms
Third: i’ve made sure there are no one stud platforms in all directions, yes its blocky but detail shouldnt be the staple of a map like most other (popular) maps do
Edit: also, a few of the pictures are outdated, i’m going to update them


hold up, lemme correct

This map is so basic

Frick, the name is too good


detail is used much too often to show how nice a map can be, this can come at a cost of FPS for low end devices (some laptops, phones and tablets) as well as having less stuff put into the map gameplay wise, which is why i put gameplay first before details as i feel they are secondary

basic maps imo are nicer then maps that have thousands of parts just for parts not used for gameplay, its almost not needed tbh

Still, the map needs details
It won’t get votes if there are really bad details

That’s fine, but if votes are only collected by how a map looks and not how it plays, then people’s expectations of maps have gotten so high that new map creators have to push themselves to be able to be noticed.

What i’m saying is, no matter how good a map looks, it needs to have gameplay that is fair, can be completed without any skill that isnt taught outside of the game (aka, jumping around walls), doesnt have very tiny platforms (anything under 3 studs imo) and doesnt rely on the time out to kill players

just Facility i’m contemplating on whether i should keep it or not

To make a decent map
It needs to have at least some detail. Try to fit Crazyblox style of detailing.
Try not to repetitive jumps and head hitters
Details and gameplay needs to be fair.
Don’t focus to much in gameplay or detail.

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I can try putting some detail in, i doubt i can fit Crazyblox’s style
repetitive jumps such as tiny jumps? i dont believe there are any
true there
also true, i’m trying not to focus so hard on either

I know that, and tht’s the point i like about

textures spamming doesn’t make you look cool, every details are out of place and the yellow digitalized blocks in a hardware purple room doesn’t even fit. very blocky and weird choice of colors, the first pic room is still orange then it changed to cold tone, it’s kinda weird.

alright, let’s be a little bit serious here, the name is boring and some sort of “overused”, every part of the map are unreasonable and weird, the second parkour room could’ve been using variant material and color. the purple tunnel room thing lava particles doesn’t even fit within the lava color, it’s really messy and that floating platform is sticking to the wall for some reason, i’m very uncomfortable.

your building style is highly unacceptable due to 0 stud usage, it’s highly not recommended due to how critical messes can be made to the buildings. like a hole in an inside map.
challenge maps doesn’t mean only the gameplay have to be good, EVERYTHING needs to be good too.

if you find this harsh then, face the reality, there’s group of people who give criticism more harsh than me and perhaps, made somebody quit map making.

and in the end, this map is horrible, i don’t want to play since it’s Crazy difficulty so there’s no gameplay review.