Facility Lockdown

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Yes regardless this is my most detailed map and uh its not rushed
By: Yoloben567 mee and minhnam


the neon looks kinda weird tbh


Am I like the only one who’s active in a topic with a person :stuck_out_tongue:


I have nothing to say about this much ngl. It still meh. (If this is the challege map, you can ignore the thing that I said below this)

The design of the wall is generic and weird with neon symbol/shapes. Try to decrease the diamond plates texture, it was too much. Try to change some of them to be another texture like Metal, Concrete, etc. And I think the “X” neon in the wall jump is the bad concept.

I think this map need a huge improvement if you care about the details.

So what is the suggestion to you?

  • decrease unnecessary usage of neon and diamond plate by change the texture or delete.
  • wall details style still generic, you could make the different shapes rather than these (example " >, □, x " )

Design + Details: 2.5/10 (Need improvement)
Gameplay: N/A
Overall: N/A

I hope that my suggestion would help you. :I


Stop making fun of maps. No one cares. Thank you. Yeah this sounds harsh but stop it. It isn’t funny.


it is a challenge map
but it is wip

i have a vid on it

Looks kinda um not very detailed… maybe add a few boxes?


i wasnt saying it to you.

Hmm. Are you sure? Cuz I’ve seen more detailed maps.

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But it his most detailed one

that’s your opinion

Smh bruh

and it looks like my opinion is the only good one smh

Well because you aren’t really good at building as far as I have seen

i wasn’t thinking of what i build

it does look decent

and better than my crit

From an average builder perspective it’s kind of bad