Factory Center (FE2 Map Submission) ⚙ [OST by damnepiccaleb!]



Map Details:

Status: Completed, Gathering Support, Playable in FE2 Community Maps
ID: 6051025488
Creator(s): justinchua2006 (me)
Button(s): 8
Part Count: 1911
Backstory (I’m not good with these…): You are a humble worker that works at an industrial factory in the industrial district. Everyday was the same for you. Working… Working… and Working. Until one day, you were late for work. You rushed to the place, got into the lift, and hope nothing bad happens. But wait, something’s not right. Everything has stopped working, the conveyors, the production lines, everything doesn’t function properly. There’s absolutely no one in the factory. You feel something wet under you, and realized that there’s water leaking from below! You had to evacuate the factory while the rising flood is trying to drown you.

Description: Finally, I made a map that isn’t “Image-pasted”! I must say I would rather pick this map than Closing Time and Museum Lockdown. I think I did pretty decent to make it FE2-styled. In case you don’t know, this is the map that I have been making for FE2. It’s not really an easy task, but who knows?


Update log :hammer_and_wrench:

(Version 2.1):

  • Fixed a few minor bugs and errors found. :wrench:
  • Scripting is finally done, it functions properly! :tada:
  • Added a few more details to fill those empty spaces…

(Version 2.2):

  • Fixed the second door bug and “No Compatible Maps” error :wrench:
  • Extended the gameplay a bit in the 3rd room and the end :hammer:
  • Fixed a few minor detail flaws (All found by @paundra0217) :wrench:
  • Added a lot more of colorful boxes, suggested by @JiroTheOtter :paintbrush:
  • Added custom textures on those boxes, just to make them less-bland
  • Added an 8th button at the last room.

(Version 2.3):

  • The blue container is now a part of the gameplay, unfortunately the green box is no longer going to fall after pressing the 5th button, this is because people weren’t finding it "FE2 worthy :hammer_and_wrench:
  • Delays are no longer used on the doors and the planks. It’s only used on the platform after pressing the 5th button :wrench:
  • The gameplay in the big room has changed a lot, it’s used to reduce the amount of time when playing solo :hammer:
  • The amount of buttons has been decreased back to 7, because there were a lot of complaints about “having too many buttons for an easy map”
  • Added another button in the 3rd room, this is basically a replacement for a button in the 4th room

Version (2.3.1) (soon to be released):

  • A new BGM is going to be replaced with its own OST by @damnepiccaleb!

Link here:






@Fopdooodle (at 12:12)


Nazzolah Waletwa

AldPlayzYT (@ChaosOfNoobs)


Iyana_cute and friends


box_3948 [korea] [FE2]

AimBlox YT


James Morgan


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If you guys really liked the map, feel free to vote to support the map, that would be appreciated. If there’s a chance, it could get in the main FE2 game!

this looks very epic and swag, nice job


yooo its out!

so glad you chose the name i picked out, it really fits

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Looks pretty decent in details but good for the the FE2 style

There’s some problems with it but I will address them later


From the pic, the lightning was little bit too bright, maybe darken the lightning little bit, but overall, this is epic.


Detail is meh for me. This is pretty generic for a factory/facility map. I don’t think corroded metal works out with this map. It seems to have an industrial theme, I don’t know. Plastic material is ok for something like this. I agree with paundra, turn down the lighting a tiny bit and


I mean it looks ok


its cool, youre def getting better

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Look really great : D

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Looks amazing imo.

Also this looks Fe2 fitting. I think crazyblox can go for maps with a lot of detail, but must have like under 4K parts. (Such as Nemisis)

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Yes we are grammar people.


You made more epic maps ngl

it looks suited for fe2 (like most maps now are overdetailed thus have a near 0% chance of getting in, i’d say this has a 75% chance)

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Who said overdetailed maps can’t get in?

The 4k part limit :sneezing_face:

4k part limit
totally not copy of fed reply

cool simple map

I mean beneath the ruins exist :flushed:

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