Fading Memories (i am sad now, i worked so hard)

wham bam yes ma’am
UPDATED :fire: :fire:
a short and sweet map :smiley:
so this a map I’ve worked on for a while, then forgot about it, then I brought it back, I put lots of effort into it I hope you like it.
YESSSSS WE BYBASSED THE GOAL :fire: :fire: :fire:
lets try and get 30 now lol

info: ID: 5413163998 - (Xeroa: Red status, Fading Memories (Xeroa: blue status was taken out for script reasons, Read The Xeroa: Blue Status Topic for more info))
status: Done/UPDATED - Accepting Feedback
Map Type: Outdoor
Creator: XxrobloxmsterxX (me)
Colors: Black, Grey, And White.
Difficulty: Hard
Part Count (pretty much final part count) - around 2000


Please tell me if its good, if it isn’t, tell me what to do to make it better, and remember, I put lots of effort in this. I really hope crazyblox plays this map, i made it to be put into main game, but idk if its good enough, if crazyblox plays it, i would be very happy. AND i have new ID’s coming so this map will have its own ID SOON.
please enjoy :smiley:
i ligit put so much effort in this omg XD

Update Log:

  • 2 new rooms
  • 2 new buttons
  • New Box
  • Less Rain (there was to much rain before)

+1 vote from me

thank you so much :smiley:

This actually looks really good

impressive ambience

This looks amazing. Voting.

Very nice, I am vote.

how do you make epic maps under 1 week lol

uhhh, if you read the topic, you would know i started this a while ago, forgot about it, then came back to it :confused: xd

revenge from read wrong post
okay, sorry lol

XD boi

looks dope.


great ambience and detail

the only gripe i have is the trees in the second picture as the leaves are larger on the top than the bottom and it looks weird

but nice

i think the trees looks nice actually, im glad you like it, but im keeping the trees xd

Fallen + Oriental Grove + Lost Woods

Amazing combination. +1 Vote

Good map

1 vote


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Falliental Woods

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I like how he follows the guidelines very well

what guidelines lol