Fading Memories: Remake (9 Votes!)


Hey guys, XxrobloxmsterxX here with yet again, (not surprisingly, I’m sure) another map : ).
This is a remake of my Map “Fading Memories”, Which currently has 35 votes
the reason I’m Remaking it is because I was going to update the original, but forgot about it for several weeks, and I didn’t really want to update the original anymore. so I decided to Remake it

Please note the map is not public yet, just have a post for when it is


You and your friend are taking hike in the Pastel Forest. they enjoy the long walk with Fresh air and the relief of getting out of the house for a while. But then all of a sudden, a rift in the air right smack in front of them opens up, and sucks your friend inside. you decide to jump in after him to get him out. and wake up in the land of memories, and the world is fading and slowly losing color.
you attempt to grab your friend and escape.

Map Info

Map Info
ID: TEMPORARY: 5413163998
BGM: Celeste OST Side B - Old Site (Black Moonrise Mix)
Creator(s): XxrobloxmsterxX
Difficulty: Insane
Average time of completion: N/A
Max Time: 120


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Thank you for looking at this map
hope you enjoy the map when its finished
Feedback/Criticism is greatly appreciated.
thank you for your time

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hot

sorry, i accidently submitted without finishing, lemme finish

backstory in a nutshell
“ahh, what a nice day, isn’t it joe”
“yessir, wait did you just call me joe-- AAAAAAAAA”
“holy spaghetti a rift! try not to get sucked in, we should get the heck outta here, joe”
in the end, you both get sucked in. you guys are idiots, ya know

also post in finished in its current state

ok, idk if the pictures were broken or not, but i fixed it now

ok, thumbnail updated

Update log:

  1. Added Trees (you can see some of them in thumbnail)
  2. Added a couple more rooms, and will update pictures on post soon
  3. added another zipline, there probably will be one more at maximum later
  4. Slanted some clock towers, suck as like this

was expecting this to have “it’s just a burning memory” as bgm but ayo this isnt too bad

hoping to see more progresses on the detail idk about gameplay tho

ill update pictures now, i forgot to, hold on

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ok pictures are update
also i tested the gameplay myself, its pretty comfortable


ok guys
so since I don’t want you guys to wait 1 million years for an official ID
I’m releasing it on a temporary ID

the map is still wip cuz I want to feedback/criticism to help shape the map how you guys want it

Hope you enjoy!


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I like the old one better tbh

Still looks gud tho! +1 vote.

i added polls, more pictures, and the ID to the post
anyways haz fun

Ur not even rating it a 5 xD

even i say the map could be better
but before i make any updates i want other people’s feedback/criticism so i can shape the map how the community wants in

My criticism: ADD SOME FOG

there is fog already
i just dont want it thick, cuz then the big room becomes hard to see farther out

I honestly thought this map was a April fools prank. But by the look of it you’ve really envolved

Oh ok

welp i didnt really like how the original looks anymore
and yeah i agree i have gotten somewhat better