Fading Memories (update almost done)

hey guys, this is my map fading memories yay.
this map took a few week’s to make in all, hope you enjoy it :smiley:
btw can we hit 35 votes? thanks

map information:
ID: 5413163998 (TEMPORARY ID)
status: 80% done, accepting feedback
Creator: XxrobloxmsterxX (me)
Colors: Black, Grey, And White.
Difficulty: Insane
Part Count - around 2300
BGM: Deemo - Rainy Memory (YouTube link in replies)
This map is getting another room, thats why its not 100% done

Pictures of map (Dated)

Please give me feedback and subjections, I would appreciate it, so this map can be as good as it can possibly get.

Could This Map Get In FE2 (Main Game)?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • it could if you put a little more effort
  • it could if you out a lot more effort
  • it could if you actually tried

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thank you for your time.

+1 vote from me

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thank you so much :smiley:

This actually looks really good

impressive ambience

This looks amazing. Voting.

Very nice, I am vote.

how do you make epic maps under 1 week lol

uhhh, if you read the topic, you would know i started this a while ago, forgot about it, then came back to it :confused: xd

revenge from read wrong post
okay, sorry lol

XD boi

looks dope.


great ambience and detail

the only gripe i have is the trees in the second picture as the leaves are larger on the top than the bottom and it looks weird

but nice

i think the trees looks nice actually, im glad you like it, but im keeping the trees xd

Fallen + Oriental Grove + Lost Woods

Amazing combination. +1 Vote

Good map

1 vote


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Falliental Woods

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I like how he follows the guidelines very well

what guidelines lol