Fallen Laboratory | Development

Uh hello! This is the development page for Fallen Laboratory! Some lots of spoilers await!




oH nO sPoIlErS

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Oh shoot
My plans are messed up now

To kick off the new topic, I would like to make the decision to remaster the entirety of Broken Laboratory. And by that I mean literally the entire map. What do you think?

  • Yes I want a BL remaster
  • No keep it the same
  • bRInG bAcK reDo i wILl kIlL u iN uR slEEp iF u dOnT

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Sorry about the lack of updates, was busy at Discord teasing the map p:
Anyway Fallen Laboratory is finally finished and will now accept testers. PM me to join. (forgot to mention that all requests will be accepted and processed not later than tomorrow and if you’re past the second i uploaded fallen lab with all the tester ids you’re late)


Due to a lack of testers, I have decided to release Fallen Laboratory early. Sorry about the early release.

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oof moment lol